Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hex Crawl Encounter Generator

Version 1.0 is now up and running on the Utilities page.

For the source of the monsters, I used the 3e Monster Manual for the initial load. However I intend to add creatures from other systems in the future and wanted a away to do an apples to apples comparison.  So I decided to calculate the 1e experience point value for each creature, using the formula given on page 84 of the DMG.

This provided some interesting initial results, the 3e challenge ratings appear far more arbitrary than the 1e formula.  I'm going to do some serious analysis on that as the subject of one or more posts.

Enhancements I'm looking at for the HCEG include controlling encounter type by climate and terrain.  Right now it's a somewhat coarse generic breakdown. I'll also be adding additional creatures and places of interest, and fixing the overrun I just noticed in the table,

With that said I've found that coding the HCEG was awfully time consuming over the last month - especially with what I was doing at work, so I'm going to put the enhancements on hold while I work on writing and other projects.

With that said, any suggestions for improvements and enhancements will be welcomed.. 

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