Monday, November 30, 2020

Floor Plans - Igmans Boarding House

 Here's a floor plan from my still being written Call of Cthulhu adventure.  Igman's is a slightly disreputable boarding house that can be used (freely by anyone, but please give me some credit) as an adventure local.  It's based off of Design No. 30 - A Model Suburban Cottage in Woodward's Country Homes.  I added a 3rd floor as a copy of the 2nd floor, and removed the indoor bathroom on those floors to create a servant's stair leading to their rooms in the attic.  The grid scale is 5 feet or 1.5 meters, the actual plan sizes are listed in many of the rooms, and may appear to vary slightly from the grid - the perils of electronic formatting, reformatting and resizing.

Attic and Roof

A number of small servants' quarters and storage areas are reachable by the backstairs.

3rd Floor

Five bedrooms of varying sizes.

2nd Floor
Five bedrooms of varying sizes.  Balconies rest on top of the
roof of the veranda from E and the backstairs F

Main Floor
D = Dining Room, P- Parlor, L = Library
C is the land lady's private room.


     The basement includes a 10' wide Area covered by the Main Floor Veranda

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