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2021 Character Creation Challenge: Day 23 - Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea

      I'd definitely play this system.  It's a well laid out retro clone, with more complexity than the early ones, maybe not quite as much customization as ACKS, but the setting is fascinating.  This adventuring in Howard's world of imagination.  Conan, Kull, Thulsa Doom these are the type of people who flourish in this setting.  It will function quite well as a demi-plane that can be visited from any campaign.  Who knows some of the party might even be able to return from it.

Beroqwe of Khromarium                       Chaotic Kimmerian Warlock 1

                                                                   Death Soldier

                                        Hit    Damage      Test      Ext. Test

ST    15            +1       +1         3:6      4%

                           Missile        AC       Test       Ext Test

DX   13             +1        0          3:6      8%

                              HP        Poison      Trauma     Test       Ext Test

CN  15              +1        +1         85%      3:6     16%

                           Language   Bonus Spell    Know Spell

IQ    12             +1               0             50%

                               Will       Bonus Spell    Know Spell

WS 12               0                 0             50%

                            Reaction       Henchmen       Turn

CH  12              0                  4                0


Save 16  +2 Transformation, +2 Sorcery


HP 9     AC        THAC0  19       

                                      THAC0    Damage      Blows       Range         

Short Sword                     17            1d6+2           3/2    

Light Crossbow                18           1d6+1           1/1      60/120/180    


Casting Level 1   Spells/Day   1/1st

Spells Known: Scare


Equipment: Scale armor, backpack, bandages, bolt case & 20 bolts, ink and quill, soft leather pouch, tinderbox, torches x2, wineskin (full) iron rations, spell book.  4GP


1 melee attack/round, Weapon Mastery (Shortsword)

Read magic, Read Scrolls, Scribe Scrolls, Sorcery

     Beroqwe is the son of an exiled Kimmerian tribesman who made his living in Khromrium as a fletcher after his exile.  His large size impressed Klarikhea, an itinerant Ixian necromancer who hired him as a cheap bodyguard.  Beroqwe seems to have an aptitude for some magic, so she has taken him on as an apprentice too.    Although, at this point, she isn't completely sure if it's the Scare spell or his imposing physique (6'11", 250 pounds) that is getting the reaction.


ASSH gives you four different methods for rolling attributes, I used 2d6+6 as it's my personal favorite.  I had wanted to build a straight necromancer, but it wasn't in the dice.  So I read through the variant classes and found the Warlock.  Decent fighter, some magic use, perfect for the stats.  Everything else was looking through the book for the right page.  I took advantage of the pre-made equipment packages to speed up the process.  That is the one place I'd give ACKS a clear advantage, as they have multiple templates per class, each with their own equipment package.  A little more variation in other words - without spending too much time customizing the character.

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  1. AH! I love this game so much. I rather like their warlocks too. Different than mine, but still a lot of fun.