Thursday, January 21, 2021

Character Creation Challenge: Day 21 - Swords and Wizardry

     Three weeks, twenty posts.  Today I get to Swords and Wizardry, where a little bit of complexity begins creeping into the OSR family.  More classes, ability scores have more effects - like STrength regaining the Bend Bars % from AD&D.  But still nicely stripped down and quick to create characters.

Aristea                                      Neutral Human Druid 1

ST 14    +1 Hit | Open Bars 1-2 | +10 Carry

DX 11 

CN       +1 Hit Point | 100% Resurrection

IQ 12     3 Extra Languages (other magic effects druids don't get)

WS       15

CH        14    5 Followers

5 Hit Points   Save  15 (13 v fire)   AC  13

Hit 10

Short Sword d6

Spear d8  20' range

 Equipment:  Leather armor and shield.  Backpack, bedroll, 50' silk rope, Waterskin, 7 days dried rations.  72.8 Gold Pieces

    She is tall and thin (6'2"  160 lbs) with sable hair, red-brown skin and green eyes, displaying her Altantian heritage.  She speaks, Altanian, Common, and Druidic.  She is cautiously exploring the City State of the Invincible Overlord looking for her brother Gerwin who left the tribe two years ago.

Day 20 - Carcosa

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