Friday, December 20, 2013

Book Report - Cthulhu in Wonderland

A Pleasant Little Offering

A. Pleasance Liddell on the sanguinary griddle,
bound to the foetid altar tight

Batrachians romp through the tenebrous swamp,
midst cacophonous Polyps in flight

The byakhee wheel in the Reticulated Reel,
dance to the cultists howling fright

Mad little Alice, in the Crimson Queen's palace,
prey to the author's sad delight.

Cthulhu in Wonderland (The Madness of Alice) by Kent David Kelly
  A retelling of Lewis Carroll's masterpiece in the Cthulhu Mythos, which as I recall, the original didn't need much in the way of Lovecraftian prose to make it confusingly verbose. (Why is it whenever I read Lovecraft, I mentally hear it being declaimed by William Shatner?) This love(craft) child of Carroll and the Master mixes both vocabularies freely and without concern for meaning or comprehension by the reader.  It is, as said in Blazing Saddles, 'authentic gibberish', a fun read but only once.

It didn't give me any inspirations for gaming, but it did inspire me to write the doggerel above.

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