Monday, April 22, 2019

Lunch Bag of Holding

     The flawed creation of an apprentice wizard attempting to create a Bag of Holding that would disguise it's contents as innocuous objects a thief would overlook.    The apprentice succeeded - sort of....

     The Lunch Bag of Holding appears as a small brown paper bag, wrinkled and having a large grease spot bleeding through.  The bag can hold any object that can fit through it's relatively small opening (3" x 5" / 7.62cm x 12.7cm) at negligible weight, after 50lbs (22.7kg) are reached there is a 5% chance for each subsequent pound (.45kg) of items placed in the bag that it will rupture, cascading it's contents over the floor at the next inconvenient moment.
     Items placed in the bag will be transformed according to the following rules.

    Standard copper pieces are transformed into smaller copper coins roughly one quarter the size of the original.  The smaller coins are also only worth one quarter of a regular copper coin.
    Other coins are transformed into silver pieces, approximately 2/3 the weight of a standard silver piece.  Due to debasement of the silver by an alloy of copper, the new coin is only worth one half of a standard silver piece.  Silver pieces are transformed on a one to one ratio, electrum at two new silver coins for each electrum piece.  Gold pieces are transformed at a four to one ratio and platinum at a twenty to one ratio.

     All other items stored in the bag are transformed based on a percentile roll on the following table.

RollItem appearing
01-05Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
10-27Package of potato chips
28-32Turkey sandwich
33-34Chocolate chip cookies
35-39Bologna sandwich
44-48Cheese sandwich
53-57Tuna salad sandwich
58-59Peanut butter cookies
60-64Ham sandwich
65-68Celery sticks
69-73Egg salad sandwich
74-75Chocolate cake
76-80Salami sandwich
85-89Chicken salad sandwich
90-91Fruit pie
92-96Vegemite sandwich
97-00Carrot sticks

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