Friday, May 24, 2019

Drunken Oracle or the Oracle of Alesmiter

Decided to expand my earlier post to a full blown Oracle. I’ve been using Mythic, so why not keep using their Fate Chart? Can’t read it - the critical success and failure numbers are too small and hard to read. The PDF seems to pixelate when I blow it up and 6, 8 and 0 are hard to tell apart. Besides too many choices.

Roll Percentile

Difficulty/ FrequencyAbject FailurePartial SuccessComplete SuccessAstounding Success
Ridiculous/  Very Rare226595100
Very Hard/ Rare
Hard/ Uncommon
Easy/ Common2154590

Add 10% to the roll for every +1 of the character has in the appropriate characteristic.

Abject Failure - Hurt yourself - or others. What you think you know is completely wrong, but you are sure of it.

Partial Success - Maybe the door didn’t open all the way, but it broke enough you can reach in and lift the bar. Or you don’t know what it is, but you know it should be avoided. Maybe you just figured out another approach to the problem that allows you to try again with a +10%.

Critical Success - Whatever the best thing that could happen, happens in spades. That old crone really is the missing princess AND she’s looking to reward the first commoner who treats her kindly.

Of course, roll the dice behind the screen and make up a believable tale when they fail.

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