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CSIO - Random Encounters Sailing the Roglaroon

Image of Maelstrom from Modron 2nd Ed
    Adding to the area specific Random Encounter tables I developed last year, I've updated by Cross System Source Table to read.

d20 Game System d20 Other System
01-10 AD&D 01-10 Empire of the Petal Throne
11-15 ACKS 11-12 Call of Cthulhu
16 Gamma World 13-14 Dreamlands
17 Metamorphosis Alpha 15 Space 1889
18 (1-3) Runequest
(4-6) Warhammer FRP
16 (1-3) Barsoom
(4-6) Dark Eye
19-20 Other 17 Traveller
18 Carcosa
19-20 Infernum

    This time I'm going to use the technique from ACKS by dividing the encounters up types, in this case movement type.  Swimmers, any creature that can survive an indefinite period in the water; Flyers and Vessels, any object propelled across or under the surface of the water - these range from orcs using a log to swim across the river, to sailing ships to the Apparatus of Kwalish.  Swimmers will be 40% of the encounters, Flyers 10% and Vessels 50%.  (OK, I started here, but ended up adjusting it to take into account ocean creatures swimming further up the estuary, and the Death Tree, which tosses exploding cherries at you, couldn't resist invoking the Rule of Cool.) Any Swimmer that can dive under the water has the choice to avoid the encounter completely, so while 90% of the creatures in the estuary are Swimmers, many of them won't be seen.

  There are three encounter areas on the Roglaroon.
    Mermist Tail (Hexes 2623, 2624,2625, 2726)  From the City State to bend west of Caravan Crossing, this area dominated by the inflow of the Conqueror River and the waters leaching out of the Mermist Swamp.  The estuary changes width rapidly along this stretch. Saltwater species are rarely encountered in this area.

  Dearthwood Reach (Hexes 2825, 2925, 3024, 3124, 3223, 3323, 3422,3522)  The long straight stretch between the bend and the River Hagrost.  The water becomes increasingly saline towards the Hagrost end.  Saltwater species frequently are encountered in this area.

  Roglaroon Proper, aka The Gullet (Hexes 3522, 3521, 3520, 3519, 3518, 3517, 3516, 3615, 3614, 3613, 3713, 3712)  From the River Hagrost to the Mouth, the estuary is a body of salt water inhabited by ocean creatures.

Aquatic Creatures mentioned in The Guide to the City State of the Invincible Overlord, Booklet I, Installment J and Modron.
     Ran the Cruel, Goddess of Death CSIO p55
     Sea Goddess (Unnamed, so I assume Modron), CSIO p14
     Manannan - CSIO p33
     Modron, Goddess of Rivers, Modron p5

    Maelstrom, Giant Sea Snake works for the City State, Modron p 6
    Giant Octopus, CSIO p33
    Giant Leech, CSIO p28
    Giant Shark, Modron p26

    Kopoacinths, CSIO p 10
    Aquatic Elves, CSIO p17
    Mermen, CSIO p28, p36, p38
    Tritons, CSIO p28
    Sea Hag, CSIO  p38, Modron p5
    Sahuagin,  Modron p26

d20  Mermist Tail Dearthwood Reach Roglaroon Proper
01 AD&D Shedu AD&D KopoacinthACKS Sahuagin
02 AD&D
Man, Merchant
ACKS NPC PartyAD&D Whale, Small
03 AD&D
Man, Merchant
AD&D Man, MerchantAD&D Man, Merchant
04 AD&D
Man, Merchant
Gamma World KeeshinAD&D Elasmosaurus
05 AD&D Gar, Giant Runequest FishermenAD&D Man, Merchant
06 AD&D Sea Hag AD&D Man, Merchant AD&D Man, Pirate
 (Orcs in small craft)
07 Warhammer Amoeba Roglaroon ProperAD&D Man, Merchant
08 AD&D Owl, Giant Roglaroon ProperGamma World Menarl
09 AD&D Beaver, Giant AD&D Man, PirateAD&D Triton
10 AD&D
Man, Buccaneer
AD&D Otter, GiantACKS Pegasus
11 AD&D Nixie AD&D Man, WarshipDark Eye Krakenewt
12 AD&D
Man, Buccaneer
ACKS Lizard ManAD&D Octopus, Giant
13 ACKS Thief ACKS Roc, SmallAD&D Man, Merchant
14 Warhammer
AD&D HippopotomusAD&D Man, Buccaneer
15 Roglaroon Proper Roglaroon ProperCall of Cthulhu Shantak
16 AD&D Kaolinth AD&D Man, MerchantAD&D Shark, Giant
17 AD&D
Man, Warship
Roglaroon ProperAD&D Crocodile, Giant
18 AD&D Gar, Giant Call of Cthulhu
AD&D Elf, Aquatic
19 Empire of the
Petal Throne  Qu'uni
Metamorphosis Alpha
Death Tree
ACKS Sea Dragon ("Maelstrom")
20 Infernum Malcubi AD&D MermanAD&D Man, Warship
Flyers are italicized
Roglaroon Proper - re-roll on that column for the encounter
* The Chameoleech is best described as a cross between a Giant Leech and a Mimic.

Mostly this is as I rolled it using the appropriate random tables.  Had to make some adjustments to bring the flyers in at the right numbers on the Mermist Tail, added in the Aquatic Elves, Sahuagin and Sea Hag from the canon, and I took the AD&D entry "Man, Pirate (Tribesmen with small craft)" and decided that that would represent Orcs of the Purple Claw.

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