Friday, January 13, 2023

Random Generators

 Alex Schroeder, over at RPG Planet asked for any random generators that people have built, well here's my contributions.  You can also find the links under 'Utilities' on the sidebar at Alesmiter.

Hex Crawl Encounter Generator - monster lists based on 3e and earlier.  Background posts

NPC Description Generator - create names, descriptions and mannerisms for NPCs.  Names are Latin-ish, Greek-ish and Old German-ish to support my Roman Republic 'Epirus Nova' setting.  Creating the maps for the settings are here.  Background on the generator is here and here

Runequest Classic Monster Generator - includes a RQ stat blocs for some non-RQ monsters too.

Urban Ruins - create descriptions of decayed urban sites, based on RQ ruin levels and the Big Rubble.  Background post.

All of the generators are javascript.  I found that Blogger has some page size limits, so moved a lot of the javascript out to github to support the word logic behind them.

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