Urban Ruins

Urban Ruins

This page was developed to allow me to quickly generate areas to set encounters in the Big Rubble. As such, I have followed the nomenclature used in the book to designate the ruins by type.

Type A - Intact buildings, possibly poorly repaired, but habitable and always inhabited by beings capable of holding them.

Type B - Fixer-uppers, missing parts of the roof and walls. Could be repaired, if materials are found and workers are protected. Often inhabited by weaker creatures.

Type C - Burned out shells, my mental image is of the ruins of London and Berlin after WWII bombing raids. Used for shelter by destitute humans and run away trollkin.

Type D - Nothing but piles of foundation stones.

Type E - Nothing is visible, but there may still be a cellar underneath with treasures of berfet from their long dead owners.

Empty - Not usually distinguishable from Type E.

Special - Fountains, wells, statutes and other miscellaneous bric-a-brac that clutters an urban landscape.

Pavis and the Big Rubble are trademarks belonging to someone else, whether it's Chaosium, Mongoose, Moon Design, Issaries, Greg Stafford, Steve Perrin, Ray Turney or alien Space Monkeys - I don't know. My use of the terms is merely in tribute to the wonderful setting that was created and has been maintained since the 1970's. If any of their lawyers (see alien Space Monkeys above) object, I will gladly remove the references.

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