Monday, January 11, 2016

Late Christmas - RuneQuest Classic PDF Rewards Start Arriving

Just filled out my BackerKit questionnaire and downloaded the first PDFs - Player Handouts, GM Screen and the RuneQuest Classic rules book.  It's a true delight, a spot check against the errata in my old RQ2 dead tree version shows that the errata has been inserted in the proper places, it includes changes such as moving Sapienza Mk 4A character sheet from the back of the book t right after the Mk4 and a new feature of rule discussions from Wyrms Footnotes and Rambling Rune Questions providing background and rule variants.  The Luise Perrin frontspiece is now in gorgeous full color instead of my old red line.  Looking forward to the hardcopy leatherette book as well as a treasure trove of PDFs including TrollPak and the soloquests!

Hmm, think the packing slip will have a note from Treasure Trove Hurbi?

Thanks +Rick Meints  

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Floor Plan 1

I found a book of digital floor plans, bought one into GIMP, then played with it adding the Cellar and Attic along with a 5x5 grid.  Based on the fact that no bath is shown, I'd place the plans before 1900.  Perfect for Gaslight adventures or with a quick renovation for 1900-1930 noir/Cthulhu  RPGs.   Really, I'll probably end up using it somewhere I need a random house.

Leave a comment if you have interest in getting the original image or a downloadable format.

Two to four bedrooms on the second floor and two rooms for servants in the attic.  The dashed line in the attic indicates where the ceiling height lowers to a 6' due to the slope of the roof.  The cellar features a modern coal fired boiler and a small secret room.