Friday, November 27, 2015

RuneQuest Kickstarter Launched Today

My slightly foxed copy
of RuneQuest 2.
The folks over at Chaosium/Moon Design launched a Kickstarter to re-print RuneQuest 2 this morning and it's already 4/5ths 90% fully funded in less than 5 hours.  This may be one of the safest Kickstarters ever, as they've already got the book ready for publishing and the goal is only $30K with stretch goals in the form of classic RQ2 supplements kicking in at $40K (Apple Lane), $50K (Snakepipe Hollow) and so on up to $300K (Questworld).  After the first two, the stretch goals become unlocked in the form of add on PDFs for a nominal sum.  Many of these are currently available in PDF form under their Gloranthan Classics line .  I'm personally hoping they get to $250K, so they re-print  Sandy Petersen's Trollpak.  Hard copies of RuneQuest 2 reprint start at the $30 "Initiate" level.