Monday, December 3, 2012

Fourth Expedition

Thunk was feeling better, but Flash was quiet the whole time, no riddle games or anything fun.
A new member came up on the last supply wagon, his name is Hahdan Lowbeard, the Laughing Mage.  He has a really acidic sense of humor.  At least no one appears to be chasing him, unlike Slick and Flash.

We were also told after this dungeon we can return to town for a bit.  That's good, I'm out of ale for services.

There were a lot of empty rooms in the dungeon and the halls were narrow..  The bigger the room, the emptier it was, it seemed.  Finally, after doing his rituals at one door, Slick motioned that there was bacon inside.  That made me hungry, we're out of bacon too.  When Thunk opened the door, he found six orcs in a very small room, he thinks they were having an orc-gy.  One of them hit him  hard with an axe, that made Thunk mad so he killed the orc.  Then another one hit him.  Thunk came out to be healed, while Drunk went into fight,  the orc hit him very hard.  I channeled energy to heal Thunk and Drunk, while Drunk was killing the next two.  Then another one hit Drunk so hard I had to heal him again.  It made Drunk mad too, so he killed the last two before he calmed down.

There was no bacon, I was disappointed.  Sometimes I think worshipping other gods than Hanseath makes people crazy.  This is a case in point, where's the bacon?

Slick found us another door, eventually Drunk got it open, another very small room, this time full of forteen kobolds.  Hahdan threw something in, but it didn't do anything.  Drunk smashed one into tiny pieces.  Even for a kolbold tiny pieces.   I had to kill one in order to get into the room.  Hahdan threw something again and made one of their faces melt.  That was pretty neat.  One of them hit Drunk, he chopped through it and the one next to in in one blow.  Kolbolds are wimps.Thunk came in and started killing them, and Hahdan half melted another one of them.  Then Drunk, Thunk and I killed the rest.  Thunk said he thinks this is the clown cart of dungeons, the smaller the room the more clowns there are in it.

Thunk and Drunk went into a room with two big centipedes, Drunk got bit.  Then they both killed one.

Thunk and Drunk went into a room with two big ants, Drunk and Thunk got bit.  Then they both killed one.  Getting bit like that would bug me.

We found a room with six lippy elves in it.  I got bored talking with them, so Thunk, Hahdan and I killed them.  Drunk and Slick weren't very happy about that.  But once the elves started shooting at us, thy got over it.  Hahdan and Thunk started singing a song about ...'six lippy elves, FIVE GLOAT-ING DWARVES'...

Then we found a room with goblins, hobgoblins and ale.  Drunk and Slick and Hahdan (I think) killed them.  Then I held a short service for Hahdan until we finished the ale.  I don't remember much of the fight after that.  It must have been that goblin ale.

When the service was over, Hahdan found a concealed door.  It's good to have a smart guy like him along.  This time Slick's prayers worked because the net didn't land on him when he opened the door.  Inside were four zombies, I hit them with the [revised] wrath of Hanseath and they withered before it.  Then Drunk and Thunk went in and re-killed them. 

We went out of the dungeon to rest then.  Still no bacon and no ale, this is a hard life.

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