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Beastiary - Ophies Amphipterotoi

Winged serpents, described by Herodotus as the guardians of the frankincense.  These snakes feature one or two pairs of feathery wings and a poisonous bite.

The snakes are at home in warm desert climates, but may be found anywhere, even crossing the sea during their spring migration.

Certain birds, notably the Black Ibis, will flock together to fight these monstrosities in vast aerial combats at that time.  The ground under these battles becomes littered with the carcasses and skeletons of the vanquished.  And are often sought out by aspiring necromancers as a source of guardian undead.

Ophies Amphipterotoi are usually small, but a swarm may include tiny, medium and even large specimens.

Combat An Ophies Amphipterotoi has a poisonous bite attack, large specimens also gain a constrict attack.

Statistics by game system.

3rd Edition / Pathfinder

SizeSmall  [Large]Hit Dice1d8 (4 hp) [3d8 (13hp)]
Initiative+3 (Dex)Speed15 feet/60 feet Flying
AC17 (+1 Size, +3 Dex, +3 natural) [17, +3 Dex, +4 Natural]AttacksBite +4 melee
DamageBite poison [Bite 1d4 and poison]Face/Reach5ft /5ft
Special AttacksPoison [Improved Grab, Constrict 1d8+2]Special QualitiesScent
SavesF2, R5, W1 [F3, R6, W2]AbilitiesSt 6 [16], Dex 17, Con 11, IQ 1, Wis 12, Cha2
SkillsBalance +4, Hide +8, Listen +8
Move Silently (Flying) +6, Spot +6
FeatsWeapon Finesse (Bite)
Climate/TerrainWarm landOrganizationSingle or Swarm (2-12)
Challenge Rating1 [2]AlignmentNeutral
Advancement3-5 HD (Large)

1st Edition

Adventurer, Conqueror, King

FrequencyRareNo Appearing1 or 2-12
Armor Class7 [3 ACKS]Move4"/24" Fly  [ 90'(30')/ Fly 180' (60') ACKS]
Hit Dice2 [5 Large] % in LairNil
Treasure TypeNoneNo of Attacks1 [2 Large]
Damage/Attack1d4 Poison [/Constrict 2d8 large]Special AttacksPoison
Special DefenseNoneMagic ResistanceStandard
SizeSmall [Large]Psionic AbilityNil

Chivalry & Sorcery

Body3 [10 large]
Weight 3-9 [150 large]
% Hit+10%
% Dodge-05%
Attack Mode
1xWDFMSS 1 Strike + Poison
1xWDFMGS 1 Strike + Poison: 15% Bash +Constrict 2 dice)

Runequest 2e

STR1d6 [26+6 large](3-4) [(13) large]Move4/12
CON 2d6+6  (13)Hit Point Average11
SIZ1d6 (3-4)Treasure Factor6
INTNil NilDefense+05%
POW1d6+6 (9-10)
DEX3d6 (10-11)

BiteSR10Attack 25%Damage 1d4 + Wyvern Venom Potency 4
ConstrictSR10Attack 15%Damage  2d8 [Large]

  Warhammmer Fantasy Role Playing 1e

  M    WS    BS    S    T    W    I   A    Dex    Ld    Int    Cl    WP    Fel 
3 33 0 1 [3 large] 2 [3 large] 3 [5 large] 30 [60 large] 1 - 24 6 30 30 -
Ophies Amphipterotoi fly as Hoverers,.  Large Ophies Amphipterotoi inject two doses of Snake Venom in a bite, others inject a single dose

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