Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sixth Expedition

Thunk wasn't feeling well today, it must have been the spare ribs.  But Hahdan the wizard said he felt up to going in with us.

Slick did his usual pagan ritual in front of the door, he said he heard voices - at least in his own head.  But he opened it himself, I think because he could hide behind it while he did.  Drunk and I charged in, there were six lippy elves in there, wearing armor.  I thought about letting one of them live, but two of them hit Drunk - that made him mad.  So he hit one back and cleaved the other.  He was really mad, because he did the same thing to the next two.   And then he killed the one in front of me.  Slick killed the last one who had a bendy sword like Slick's, but it was shiny too.  No one wanted it.

We went into a couple of other rooms, with Slick performing the rituals.  The second time he found a pit trap.  - Drunk pulled him out  He found three more halflings, I said we didn't need any more cooks.  Slick said halflings are usually thieves, at least they make all the meetings.  They asked if they could tag along with us while we left, we said sure and went deeper into the dungeon.

We found a secretish door and went through.  There were four kobolds and a dire weasel waiting inside for Drunk.  Drunk killed the kobolds, the weasel bit me while I put it in a bag.  It got chewed it's way out of the bag and bit me again.  Slick brained it with a morningstar.

Slick found another pit trap by the next door, but he didn't fall in this time, I guess his religion only requires him to fall in the first one.  There was a big lizard guy behind the door.  I told him to fall down and he did.  Slick poked him with his bendy sword, not the new bendy sword.  He jumped over, but he didn't jump high enough, it bit his foot.  That what these kids get for not wearing good old fashioned chainmail.  Hahdan keeps splashing things with little acid balls.  Slick killed the lizard guy.

I was wondering why do elves always come in a six pack?  And is there such a thing as a lite-elf?

I asked the halflings if they knew any good jokes - they didn't.

We found a couple more secret door, but nothing interesting except for six hobgoblins.  I charged in, with Drunk behind me.  He  killed one, I killed one and then he killed the next two.

Nothing left to kill, so we went back to town, took the halflings out of the dungeons with us.  We split all the gold we had found.

Met a really weird human(?) woman at a bar.  She talked funny and beardless women don't do anything for me.  She asked me to give something to a guy named Zafar and find a another guy named Sestus.  Why not, she had at least be been buying the booze.  She said we should go to another bar called the Unlucky Sailor.  My uncle told me sailors are like cowboys, they ride in big wooden horses.

We went there and the bar was closed, so we opened it, there were a couple of guys in there with four big rats and a whole bunch of little rats.  One of the guys was beating up the other guys, and there were some people tied up against the wall.

Right a way, Drunk killed two rats and Slick pinned one to the floor with a dart.  He's getting pretty good with those things.  I threw a flask of alchemist fire at the bunch of rats, but missed.  Hahdan cast Flaming Sphere and torched the guy who was beating up the other guy.  Then moved it on top of the rat bunch that was chewing on Slick.

It turned out Kafar was the guy getting beaten up.  I gave him the note, it felt like I was back in Mining School passing notes when the foredwarf wasn't looking.  He said we needed to find a wooden horse called the Prancing Prince.  I asked how we would know the horse's name, and he said it would have a statute of a human dancing in front of it.  And that it would be in the water.

We let the others go the last guy was an auctioneer.  He was so lippy that I'm pretty sure he must have been an an elf or at least raised by them.

My uncle was wrong, the thing sailors ride are called 'ships' and they look like human houses turned upside down with trees planted in them.  Slick used his wand and went invisible, he came back and said they he heard voices at the bottom of the ship.  So we all went down, Slick went down the last stair invisibly, but they must have heard him, because two half orcs hit him.  I threw a thunderstone down the stairs.  Drunk charged down and hit one, killing him.  The other one started punching Drunk with his fists - silly half orc.  I charged down and hit it, then Slick popped back into sight and poached it.  We took a shiny compass off of one of the bodies. 

There were a bunch of people down there who said they wanted to leave, so we led them upstairs.

When we got almost all of the way up, we heard somebody at the top shouting, she didn't sound happy.  There were six humans and two zombies on top.  We charged out, Drunk killed a sailor and Slick hit one with a dart.  Then Drunk said he couldn't see - the shouty human must have cast a spell, because his helmet wasn't over his eyes and I had drank out of the same barrel.  I pushed him at one of the other sailors, the I decided to go for a run, I ran off the ship and then back on.  While I was gone, Slick made one of the sailors at the back of the ship jump into the water.  Hahdan got behind Drunk and told him where to hit.I went up one side of the ship, while Slick was shooting at the shouty human from the back and Drunk and Hahdan went up the left side of the ship.  Two sailors attacked me, I killed them while the zobies were attacking Drunk.  Drunk re-killed one, Hahdan killed the shouty human with a fire bolt and then I re-killed the last zombie.  We found a map to a Cooper's Warehouse and a note about a cult called 'Nature's Cataclysm' - sounds elvish. 

We had to find a priest to take the blindness off of Drunk and get us healed up before we went to the warehouse.  He said extra charges applied for late night service, in other words he wanted a of gold for getting out of bed.

We found a trapdoor in the top of the warehouse, there were three humans and three rats in it.  Slick dropped in, Drunk hurt himself when he dropped in, but killed two rats.  I think he may have landed on one of them.  Hahdan threw in a thunderstone, One of the humans hit Slick,.  I hurt myself dropping in, but I hit the last rat.  Hahdan levitated down - showoff wizards.  Slick, Drunk and I each killed a human.  They looked like they were some  of those elvish wannabes who wander around over our mine and mumble about balance and circle of life.  I helped fix one of their stones once.  They don't bathe very often.

I opened he only door out of the room and was hit by a blade trap.  Slick broke the trap and we went down the hall.  There was a big room at the other end, at first I thought there were three humans in it, but then  I realized there were two huecuvas and one of the stinky druids.  The huecuvas smelled better.  One of the huecuvas attacked me.  Slick stabbed the other, then I did Hanseath's Rage against the one that hit me.  Drunk got mad and hit the stinky druid.  Slick re-killed the one huecuva, Drunk killed the druid and I rekilled the last huecuva. 

There were some people in cells down there, we let them go but Sestus wasn't one of them.  The stinky druid had an amulet that Hahdan and Drunk wanted.

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