Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stories we share

Charles over at Dyvers was musing on the manners of deaths of various characters and generally commenting on the meaning(less) of life in an RPG.  You can hear the unspoken story behind every one of his characters and it leaves you wanting to know more, like what was in the wagon, why was it a bad thing to hit it?  Shoot, his character deaths sound like plot hooks, not the end of the adventure.

And that I think is the best part of the hobby, the stories we tell with friends go on and on.  And we get to share them with new friends.  In the last session, we gained a player, who I played Chivalry & Sorcery with twenty five years ago.  Jim and I shared the story of the squire whose tagline was "I'm not worthy" with the group and the group shared writing "Vald is a doofus" on the vampire's forehead with Jim.

What are the stories you share?

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