Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Book Report -NPCs

Picked up the ebook from Amazon over the weekend.  The story starts in the genre of the original D&D novel, Andre Norton ' s Quag Keep, where in players are transported to the fantasy world of their characters. But in this case they quickly poison themselves and all die in the first tavern they come to.
   Unfortunately, for the main characters of the story, the PCs had been tasked by the local Mad King to report in for a little job he needed to have done. The Mad King being notoriously indiscriminate about who he has killed when he doesn't get his way, the heroes decide to impersonate the dead party to save their villlage.
  The story is well written,  the characters are believable and they develop during the course of the story.  The insight on how NPCs see and interact with adventurers is refreshingly unique. The action scenes are well paced and the comment on treating royalty like toddlers made me laugh out loud. To be honest, the author does a better job of writing than Andre freaking Norton did with the same theme.
   And Grumble, the diety of minions everywhere, should be added to your pantheons immediately.
  Five skulls on this one.

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