Sunday, January 12, 2020

Bittersweet Haul

I was contacted by a friend of mine this weekend, she asked if I wanted to come over and look through and take anything from her late husband's collection.  Here's what I came away with.

Dungeons and Dragons

Deities and Demigods - first printing, with Lovecraftian and Melnibonean deities.

DMG - this one is going to my eldest, the squid, for his collection.

Dungeon Geomorphs - Set I-III,  intact, but unwrapped.


Temple of Elemental Evil

G Series

Queen of the Demonweb Pits

Also photo copies of the last two and a photo copy of the Slave Lords.  I know he had an original of those, but it wasn't there.

Judges Guild

Sea-Steeds and Wave Riders - includes deck plans!

D20 Adventures

Bastion of Broken Souls

The Standing Stone

The Forge of Fury

The Crucible of Freya (Sword and Sorcery)

Miscellaneous Maps

Dark Furies - Masterwork Maps Inns and Taverns

Skeleton Key Paper Taverns

The Dark Eye

Cucch got these when Atari was working on digital version of the German RPG.

Basic Rules

Quick Start

World of Aventuria (Setting)

Adventure: The Secret of the Blue Tower and Witching Hours

Morrow Project

I remember playing Morrow Project once, back in '80 or '81.  Cucch wasn't the Director though, it was one of the occasional members of our group.  Don't think we got much further than character generation and waking up.

TM 1-1 Basic Rules

Project File 001 - Liberation of Riverton

Project File 002 - Damocles

Project File 003 - Operation Lucifer

Project File 004 - The Ruins of Chicago

Project File 005 - The Starman Incident

Project File 006 - Operation Lonestar

Project File 007 - Desert Search

Project File R008 - Prime Base

Project File 009 - Bullets and Bluegrass

Project File 10 - The Final Watch

Directors Screen

Morrow Project Identity Packet

GA- 1 Game Master's Shield and Reference Tables

GA-2 The New Personal and Vehicle Basic Loads and Hand-to-Hand Combat System

GA-4 Vehicular Blueprints

To absent friends - he's rolling with Gary & Dave now, having the time of his afterlife!


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  1. I loved Project File 002 - Damocles. I have yet to play Project File R008 - Prime Base. Look forward to one day.