Sunday, March 22, 2020

Role Playing - The Next Generation

     So this morning, my beloved wife told me that I should play an RPG with our nine year old granddaughter and her father.

    Remembering someone's post on MeWe, I went out to DriveThruRPG, searched and found Tiny Dungeon - The Hatchling Edition.  I printed out the beginning sections of the book and gave them to my granddaughter to read, at nine pages in, she said "I really want to play this!"

     After a promised walk to show her the house where Herb Brooks had lived (she's a big fan of the movie Miracle on Ice), we proceeded to write up (no characteristics to roll) her first character, an fey (elf) named Tom.  Her father created a Karhu or intelligent bear he based off of the character  Iorek Byrnison from the Golden Compass movie.  My wife, who hasn't played an RPG since our firrst house in Virginia Beach! , created a Wood-folk or treant character.

     Having settled on a very simple system, my big question was what adventure to run.  I didn't feel like trying to make one up really quick while learning and teaching the game, so grabbed my old copy of T1 The Village of Hommelet and started them right at the encounter with the giant frogs.  (Tiny Dungeons only cares about HP, so monster conversions on the fly are a piece of cake.)
    One the big frogs grabbed the bear with it's tongue but wasn't able to reel it in.   The treant and elf were surrounded by the little ones, so the bear specifically said he was resting his warhammer on the frog's tongue while he used his claws on one of the little ones attacking the elf.   ZIP, the frog now has a warhammer, and got in a few good blows, while the party dispatched it's compatriots before hopping back into the swamp waving a warhammer in it's tongue.

     They took a brief rest in the ruins of the gate house before pushing into the courtyard of the moathouse and exploring the ruins of the west wall and eventually the tower.  The wolf spider was tough to kill, but never landed a bite.  Turns out my granddaughter is scared of spiders, I didn't know that one.  In addition to the loot, she decided to try to harvest the spider venom, I told her she rolled snake eyes she'd poison herself.  She rolled a 3, scratched but unpoisoned.   We left ot there as she needed to be returned to her mothers, but we'll play again.

     Best quote "It's a fantasy, grandma, there's walking trees."


  1. I had never thought of throwing that system at village of Hommelet - excellent idea!

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