Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Call of Cthulhu Text - "Creencias de los Salvajes Indios"

      I'm writing up a CoC adventure and needed a text behind the cult.  After following some very interesting rabbit holes on the Internet, I came up with this.

More of my bad art work

    Creencias de los Salvajes Indios (English: Beliefs of the Indian Savages) attributed to Francisco Lopez de Gomara, Chaplain to the conquistador Bernal Diaz.

     The manuscript is a description of pre-conquest Mesoamerican religious rites, including those of ‘Ik’ more commonly called Yig in the Cthulhu Mythos.  Certain of these rites are said to produce a startling agricultural bounty. 
     History:  The manuscript was obtained by Antonio del Ulloa (later governor of Spanish Louisiana) during his travels to South America, where he first described the metal platinum.  After the capture of his ship by the English, he was taken captive to England where he became a Fellow of the Royal Society and a close friend of Sir Joseph Danvers, 1st Baronet of Swithland.  
     At Swithland’s request at least one copy of the original Spanish manuscript was made, which has been retained by the Royal Society.  Rumors of an English translation in the possession of the Danvers family persist, but it has never surfaced.   There is some speculation that it may have been lost when a great grandson of the Baronet migrated to America in the 1830s.  
      The original manuscript known to have been kept on the Blasphemous Shelves of the library of Monastario del Escorial in Spain prior to the Spanish Civil War.

Call of Cthulhu 3rd Edition Statistics 
Editions                                                   Language        + to Knowledge     Spell Multiplier     SAN Loss
Creencias de los Salvajes Indios     Asturian (Spanish)            +12%                       x3                  -2d4
Beliefs of the Indian Savages                   English                      +9%                       x2                  -1d6

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