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Feudal Wilderlands: Culture III - Viridians, self declared lords of creation


Viridian Nobleman 

Descendants of the original colonists of the World Empire and still maintaining ties to their relations in that decadent state, many of the higher nobles claim Viridian ancestry and true or not maintain Viridian law and customs on their estate.  Like the law of the Roman Empire, Viridian law makes the male head of the family the absolute authority within it, although it does allow for female succession to lands and title as independent holders.  Landowners are expected to represent themselves in a court or hire another member of the nobility to represent them.  Inferiors are expected to influence their lords to represent them.

Viridian is one of the three languages that Common developed out of and the language of the City State of the World Emperor and the founding colonists of the City State of the Invincible Overlord.  People with this background receive Common as a free language, although if they have an Intelligence penalty or are unable to learn more than one language, they really speak a horrible patois.  Viridians tend to be smaller and heavier than normal, they receive a -1 modifier to all height rolls and a +1 modifier to all weight rolls. Over the centuries they have bred with or adopted creatures of almost every race, resulting in a wide distribution of appearance.

Viridians see themselves as lords of all, even a humble farmer claiming Viridian descent believes themselves superior to the jumped up barbarians advanced above them.  Others see Viridians as stuck up, arrogant prigs at best and as debauched demon loving monsters in stories.

Viridian Culture Background Physical Appearance Distribution

RollHair Color   RollSkin Color   RollEye Color
01-10Black/Sable01-15Pale White01-10Light Blue
11-20Brunette        16-20Fair11-15Blue
51-59Red41-50Light Brown41-45Green-Brown
60-67Strawberry Blonde51-60Red46-50Hazel
68-75Blonde61-65Brown51-55Dark Brown
76-83Platinum Blonde66-70Dark Brown56-75Amber
* Roll on the Exotic Hair, Skin or Eye Color Table

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