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Converting D&D 3.0 to Pathfinder - Feats, Encumbrance and Spells

The (probably) last post in the series will cover a fairly eclectic list of the pieces of the character sheet that we haven't covered to date.


Big changes here again, the first two eTools feats were granted powers of the War domain.  Those have gone away, so I spent the feat I earned at third level to take Weapon Focus again.  I do not need to retake the Martial Weapon Proficiency feat, as all Clerics now have proficiency with their deities favored weapon. Clerics of Tharizdun in the Greyhawk campaign lose out on this rule - "Spiral of decay (no equivalent weapon)".  But Orlin is back to where he started having only suffered the loss of feat slot.


Almost forgot this area of the character sheet.  No changes for the character, but the rules for learning languages have changed.  They no longer cost skill points, sort of, rather the Linguistics skill allows you to select one language for each skill point you buy in it.  Also, barbarians are no longer illiterate.  Drunk and Thunk now have a use for books other than starting fires and cleaning themselves.


eTools Spells

Pathfinder Spells

Looks like a bigger change that it really is.  And it's a change for the better to me.  Instead of three pages of spells for a second level cleric (eTools prints every Cleric spell in it's book because it treats them as all being in the cleric's 'spellbook'); Pathfinder just gives you a space to list the spells your character knows.

I've found in the past that it's easier to look up a spell in the Player's Handbook than it s to search for it in the sheaf of papers, so I'm happy to see it.

For playing purposes I just list my default spells here and use a scratch sheet or note card to track the spells the character actually has prepared and used.  It's the same way I've managed spells for magic users in the past.

0 level spells are prepared, but not used up as explained below under Special Abilities.  Cure Minor Wounds (curing 1 hp) has been replaced by Stabilize (stops character from dying).  So I can't heal the party one hp at a time under that rule.

The spells conform to the changes made between 3.0 and 3.5, so buffs have a duration of minutes, not hours.  The duration issue certainly affected my spell choice.  Why waste a slot on a one shot buff that only lasts for a single combat?

Domains have changed considerably, as I've alluded to various times in these posts.  Most of the changes I'll cover under Special Abilities, but one that I'll call out here is a revision to the Domain spell lists.  The Travel domain first level spell (which I didn't take) is new 'Longstrider' - adds 10' to your movement base.  previously it was 'Expeditious Retreat', which doubled your speed.

Special Abilities

This is a busy section and I'll concentrate on the differences between the two.  Much of this may have been covered in previous posts, but I'll reiterate, just to make sure.

New and modified Racial Traits - 'Slow and Steady', dwarves are not slowed by armor or encumbrance penalties.
'Greed' - +2 on Appraise checks of non-magical items containing gems or precious metals.
'Hardy' - the ++2 save vs poison has been expanded to include spells and spell like abilities.
'Stability' - brand new, as the Combat Maneuver Defense statistic is brand new.  Helps defend against two of the maneuvers.

Cleric Features.  As mentioned previously, Heavy Armor Proficiency has been lost.  Also Shield Proficiency no longer includes Tower Shields.  On the plus side - every cleric is now proficient with their deity's favored weapon.
'Aura' is new, it answers the long running question - does the Evil cleric show up on a Detect Evil spell?  The answer is they do now.
'Channel Energy' - replaces (ad simplifies) turning undead.  Channeling energy directly damages undead in a 30 foot radius.  It's usable multiple times a day.  It can also be used as a mass cure.
'Orisons' - as I mentioned under spells, 0 level spells are not expended when cast; but only a fixed number of spells can be prepared per day.  In effect, 0 level spells are treated as Sorceror or Bard spells.

Domain Powers.  The domain powers have been replaced by lesser abilities.  Travel used to provide Freedom of Movement against magical obstructions.  Now you can ignore terrain restrictions.  War was great domain, it provided two free feats.  Now, although the one feat is replaced by the Favored Weapon rule above, all you get is the ability to give one ally at a time a +1 damage bonus for one round.  Pretty much a downer.


eTools Encumbrance

Pathfinder Encumbrance

 Finally, the last topic I have to cover in these posts.  And it's not a very long one.  The ranges for encumbrance values have not changed.  On the other hand, it wouldn't matter for this character, as dwarves are not slowed by heavy loads.

Instead of listing every piece of armor and weapons individually, I've simply totaled the weights for what the character is actually carrying.  I believe I said earlier that the Great Axe has gone on a diet and is down to twelve pounds in weight.

One innovation I do like is Pathfinder providing the amount of weight that the character can lift over their head, lift off the ground or drag.

That wraps up this series of posts on converting to Pathfinder.  If you have any questions, please contact me by email or leave a comment.


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