Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Third Expedition

Slick says his name is Graven Runehouse, I still think he's running from someone.  But maybe he just wants to learn how to be a real dwarf.  The dragon said to call him "Flash", he's definately avoiding someone.

Flash likes to play riddles, I won his contest today.  Thunk wasn't feeling well, he stayed with Flash and the wagon while we went into the dungeons.

Graven continues to perform his rituals before the doors.  We found an old wooden idol, I couldn't figure out which deity it was for.  Maybe I should have paid more attention in school, but they all look alike to me.  Hanseath is always easy to find, there's beer.

In the next room we found a gnoll and a spotted wolf.  Graven fell down after the wolf bit him.  The gnoll hit him with an axe too.  I killed them both.  His axe wasn't as good as mine.  We found some gold and a wand.  It has a faint transmutation glamour. Niether Graven nor I could determine what it does.  Drunk found a sliding panel.

When he opened the panel we saw a pile of coins n the floor.  Drunk thought there might be a hole in the floor.  He suggested that we throw the body of the gnoll into the room.  So we did, it bounced.Drunk went in to pick up the coins, a weird greenish one legged monster with many arms phased in behind him and stole a pouch.  Then it phased out before we could attack it.  I skipped the courses on creatures from other planes to work on my brewing.  Now I wonder if that was as good of an idea as I thought it was at the time.

In the next room we found four zombies, they hit me several times.I rekilled two of them, including the one Graven had decorated with tassels.  Drunk killed the other two.  We found some plate armor just my size.  As I was putting it on that green thing popped back in, I hit it with the greave I was holding, Drunk and Graven hit it too.  It went away again.

We found a cauldron under a haystack.  What an odd place to put a cauldron.  It had a fancy candlestick, some gems and fifty very nice crossbow bolts.  Drunk and Graven split the crossbow bolts.

Then we left and rested a day and two nights.

We went back in and found a room with two lizard men.  I ran in and killed one, Drunk killed the other.. We took their weapons and two gems we found.  Graven said Drunk's lizard wasn't dead yet, so he made sure it was.

Before Graven finished his rituals at the next door, two lizard men opened it and hit him.  When they did a portcullis fell down behind us, trapping the lizard men so they couldn't get away.  I killed them both, then I healed Graven because he wasn't feeling well.

Graven continued with those rituals that keep getting him hurt.  I'm a cleric, but this kid has got what looks to be a terminal case of religion.  We found some scented oil in one room and a secret door in another.  Behind the door were six zombies.One of them hit Drunk hard, I rekilled three of them, Drunk rekilled two of them and Graven rekilled one with nothing but tasseled darts.  We thought that was pretty slick.

We didn't find anything of interest in the dungeon, so we left and looked for another one on the map our employers furnished.  I won another riddle game with Flash.

We found another dungeon.  Graven continues his rituals.  This time there were three lizard men behind the door.  We each killed one, we found some gold and gems and a wand with a faint glamour of enchantment.  We couldn't figure this one out either.  Drunk wasn't feeling good so I healed him.

There was a flaming dwarf in the next room.  He was a real hot head.  He hit and I woke up back at the wagon.  Graven and Drunk had carried me out.  They had the hot head's kilt, it made of some woven metal.

Several days later when I was feeling better we went back in.  The first room had a coatrack, a corpse and a wardrobe.  No light post in the wardrobe, I checked.  The room also had a secret door.

Drunk showed Graven how to open the next door.  He found a hole in the floor, Graven fell in when he tried to cross it.  We went and got the wardrobe and put it across the hole.  All we found in the room were two empty flasks.  I'll use them for holy water.

Drunk fell in the hole in front of the next door.  We used the wardrobe again.  When we opened the door there were two gnolls waiting.  Drunk and I killed them.  We found some gold and a scroll with Levitate and Mage Armor.  Graven found a hidden area with more gold, some platinum and a great axe.  It's better than my old one so I took it.

We found two ghouls in the next room.  One bit and clawed me, I killed it and Drunk killed the other.  I wasn't feeling well, so I healed myself.  While I doing that they found a smoke stick, an electrum dagger with a star ruby in the pommel - not very sharp.  And Drunk found another hole in the floor, he didn't fall in this one.  Graven wen in it and came out with more platinum and a potion, it's brown with a syrupy flecked appearance, tastes salty.

Then we found a room with a corpse in a bathtub.  Pretty old.Past that room we found a ramp leading down.

We opened the first door and found a blubbery thing.  Drunk and Graven ran away, I cast Magic Weapon on my new axe.  The blubbery thing, I think it's called a dretch, made a big greenish cloud it smelled just like my mum's cabbage surprise.  I hit him with my axe and he went away.  I found some gold and a needle sword.  I don't like them they're too bendy.  But it nice and has faint transmutation glamour (+1).  i gave to Graven when they returned.

When we opened the door out of the room, the next rom was too dark for us to see into it.  We decided to come back later.

The next room had a giant skeleton.  It hit Graven and he fell down.  Drunk got mad and smashed it.  It took all my healing to get Graven up enough to walk out on his own.  We waited three days before we went back into the dungeon.  I lost at riddles with Flash.

We went back to the giant skeleton room and found some gold, gems and very nice long sword.  Nobody wants it.

Something odd happened in the next room.  There a=was a halfling named Artifinn Higgy.  He said he'd been trapped in there for over a week.  We took him with us so he could show Graven how to open doors.

We found two troglodytes in a room, they smell just like my mum's cabbage and pickled rat casserole.  Mr Higgy wasn't a halfling, he turned into some kind of a bat and kept stinging Graven. Graven killed it after I hit it with my axe.  I think it was an imp.  I really shouldn't have skipped those classes.

We found a ghoul in the next room I killed it.  Drunk broke his armor.  Then we went back and searched Mr Higgy's room.  We found some gold and a wand with a faint glamour of illusion.

We went back to the dark room, we could see some coins on the floor again.  Two darkmantles attacked us, one grabbed Graven's head and he fell down.  I stablized him while Drunk killed the other.  The one from Graven's head hit me then I killed it.  We found some copper and some smoke sticks. That was the last of the dungeon, we didn't capture anything for our employers.

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