Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hex Crawl Encounter Generator

    I'm working on a Hex Crawl Encounter Generator over on the Utilities page.  It is not designed to tell you IF an encounter occurred, it's designed to flesh out the encounter that has occurred.  What I've coded so far is for encounters with (theoretically) non-hostile inhabitants.

   These inhabitants are classified as Farmers, Merchants, Peddlers, Hunters and Patrols.  The chance of meeting any particular one varies by the Encounter Area.  Each encounter will provide the DM with the number of individuals encounter, the name and description of the leader, what topic they're most likely to bring up in conversation and what the chance that they know something about whatever is of interest to the party.  How useful any of the information is would depend on the questions the PCs ask.

   In addition to inhabitants the party may encounter Monsters (divided into Wandering Monsters, Humanoid bands, Human Raiding Parties, Wild Animals and Bandits) or Ruins (Ruins, Caves, Places of Interest).  These values are place holders in the code right now and will become more detailed as I build out the lists of each.

    For planning purposes, the table for Encounter Area vs Party Level planned is

Encounter AreaParty Level
Patrolled Plains1-5
Patrolled Hills3-7
Patrolled Mountains6-10
Wilderness Plains6-10
Wilderness Hills9-12
Wilderness Mountains10-15

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