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Beastiary - Stymphalian Birds

Man eating avians whose flocks can depopulate an area.  These aggressive hunters are known for their beaks ability to shear through metal armor.

Anyone needing to hunt these fowls is advised to wear a thick suit of cork, which catches their beaks and renders them helpless.

Stymphalian Birds are about the size of an ibis.  They favor nesting on forested hills and mountains in warm climates, buit may be found hunting through out the temperate zone in the summer.

Combat A Stymphalian Bird conducts fly by attacks, slashing with it's razor sharp beak..

Statistics by game system.

3rd Edition / Pathfinder

SizeSmallHit Dice2d8+4 (12 hp)
Initiative+4 (Dex)Speed10 feet/90 feet Flying
AC20 (+1 Size, +4 Dex, +5 natural)AttacksBeak (bite) +10 melee
DamageBeak (Bite)1d6+1Face/Reach5ft /5ft
Special AttacksFlyby AttackSpecial Qualities
SavesF4, R8, W1AbilitiesSt 12, Dex 18, Con 15, IQ 2, Wis 5, Cha 8
SkillsListen +4,
Move Silently (Flying) +6, Spot +6
FeatsWeapon Finesse (Beak)
Climate/TerrainWarm landOrganizationFlock (2-12)
Challenge Rating1AlignmentNeutral
Advancement3-5 HD (Small)

1st Edition

Adventurer, Conqueror, King

FrequencyVery RareNo Appearing2-12
Armor Class7Move4"/36" Fly
Hit Dice2 +4% in Lair15%
Treasure TypeINo of Attacks1
Damage/Attack1d6 +1Special AttacksAttacks as 6HD monster
Special DefenseSurprises on 4-6Magic ResistanceStandard
SizeSmallPsionic AbilityNil

Chivalry & Sorcery

Weight 20
% Hit25
% Dodge-35
Attack Mode
1xWDFMMB 2 Beak

Runequest 2e

STR1d6+2 (5-6)Move2/18
CON 2d6+6  (13)Hit Point Average11
SIZ1d6+2 (5-6)Treasure Factor5
INT1d6 (3-4)
POW3d6 (10-11)
DEX3d6+4 (15-17)

BiteSR8Attack 40%Damage 1d6

  Warhammmer Fantasy Role Playing 1e

  M    WS    BS    S    T    W    I   A    Dex    Ld    Int    Cl    WP    Fel 
2 40 0 1 2 4 70 1 - 14 15 25 10 -

Stymphalian Birds fly as Swoopers,

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