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Feudal Wilderlands VI - Notes on Towns and Villages

When I was writing the previous post, I fully intended to increase the size of the settlements and add settlements to the area.  The Wilderlands always having seemed rather sparsely populated, especially as I'm using  Chivalry & Sorcery 1e to build the Feudal Nation.  That system says a county, like Severnais, should have 1-6 towns and the minimum town size is 1500.  That's 1500 total adults, as opposed to the numbers given for fiefs in the core rules which are in fighting men, or at least for those capable of bearing arms, no matter how untrained they were.  I deduced this from the central section on Chivalric army organization, maintenance an combat that precedes the Individual Combat section.  It's easy to tell what Backhaus considered more important, it also is a reflection of the hobby's roots in tabletop war gaming - Chainmail anyone? 

     So I totaled up the population figures I had determined for each fief and came out with a rural population total of around 37,400 (The C&S Sourcebook gives population totals for each size fief, in addition to the number of men capable of bearing arms.)  I divided that number by five to get the number of families; for the divisor I used the multiplication factor ACKS uses to go from families to totals - giving me 7,480 families.  Afterwards I found a note I had forgotten on the key to the Towns table in C&S - "Population = number of adult citizens; 20% are fit for military service." (Note to self:this is interesting as it refers to citizens, not inhabitants.  Medieval and classical civilizations made bright distinctions between citizens and non-citizens, so depending on the city you could have large numbers of non-citizen inhabitants.  See for example Constantinople and it's Genoese exclave.  Maybe a topic for another post.)  Which aligns the two rules systems rather well for calculating urban populations.

     And that lead me to look at ACKS domain building rules.  By default they assume 90% of the population are rural; 37,400/0.9 = 41,555.  Rounding to the nearest 100, I'll call it 41, 600 for an urban population of 4,200.

Canonically the following villages exist in Severnais

Name              Pop     Inhabitants     Hex

Tain                  404     Men               2814

Thoth                177     Men               2711

Elf-burn            144     Elf                 3213

Limerick          150     Men                3313  

Boughrune       230     Men                3412

Adderwood      312     Elf                  3117

That's 1,417 urban inhabitants total; but based on the way I'm envisioning the Feudal Wilderlands, the elves don't count as they have their own social and political organizations that parallel and overlap with the humans.  So now we're down to 961 human urban inhabitants, for a deficit of essentially 3,200.

    I can increase the population of existing villages, none of which even one third the size of a C&S town, or create new towns, or mix and match.  Of course, I'll mix and match.

    A new town, Stanbeach, population 2000 in hex 3013 provides a port on the River Severn in the the middle of the county.  Tain, the Count's capital becomes a large town, and each of the other human settlements are about doubled in size.  Adding in the ACKS Market & Urban definitions as I may end up playing with the whole trade rules when characters dispose of loot.   I'm not touching the elvish settlements as I haven't quite thought through how I want to handle them.

Name              Pop     Inhabitants     Hex          ACKS Market           ACKS City

Stanbeach       2000     Men              3013              Class IV               Small City

Tain                 1050     Men              2814              Class IV              Large Town

Thoth                360     Men               2711             Class V                Large Village

Elf-burn           144      Elf                 3213

Limerick          330     Men                3313              Class V               Large Village  

Boughrune       410     Men                3412              Class V               Large Village

Adderwood      312     Elf                  3117

Edits: Fixed the name on the map, added new castles and keeps to map and added links to post

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