Sunday, March 17, 2013

Beastiary - Trap Limpet

Resembling a gray-ish brown fried egg, the Trap Limpet was developed by a wizard as a variant of a homunculus, to set off and reload traps.

The Trap Limpet is capable of being taught to recognize a simple design, such as a uniform and will allow those displaying it to proceed unmolested.

Interlopers, however, will cause the Limpet to set off a trap, whether it's pulling a pin that drops rocks on their heads or loosing an arrow trap, the Limpet uses telekinesis to mechanically trigger the trap it has been assigned to.  Afterwards the Limpet uses it's telekinesis to reset the trap, whether pulling up the trap door over the pit or reloading the arrow, as long as it has the material to work with.

The Trap Limpet is created using the blood of a willing minion -(In D&D terms a henchman), and only one Trap Limpet can be created for each minion.  The Limpet has only one hit point, can not move once placed and dies if forcibly removed from it's anchor.  The minion does not suffer any damage if the Limpet is killed, but does suffer a temporary one point loss of constitution when it is created.

The Limpet's telekinetic ability is essentially unrestricted, but quite slow so that it is incable of damaging anything directly.

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