Monday, March 4, 2013

Seventh Expedition

[This post is courtesy of and thanks to Slick's player +Greg Pariana - RDT]The dwarven team was summoned to the pathfinder’s office. Thunk and the other guy was busy and so Drunk and the cleric and I replied.

There were a couple of female half elves there as well – tall and full of attitude. They were called Sparkle, Dazzle or something like that [Her name is Jewel - RDT] and that was the magic user, she was new to this. And then the other one was a third again our height and always busy blathering about something.

It was suggested that they come with us. We agreed but we would let them step up whenever we could.

We were asked to go back to the library/museum. A Blackcross woman – scout – agent found something on her travels and brought it back to study and then disappeared. They sent 3 guys to go find her and they did not come back. We were to find out what is going on, find what she brought back. If we could bring her back alive, they would like that as well. We do so well under those conditions.

We were led to a ramp and walked down. The she-elves needed light to see – too tall, too skinny, and now giving our positions away.

We went to Storage Room 1, we found a griffin – dead, stuffed and attacking. The magic user hit the young-one and she doubled her size. Between Drunk and her, the griffin went gone again.

Storage Room 2 we found 2 statues that came to life. Drunk hit one with a club that went poof. We then started to attack with metal weapons. The really big she-elf was using her blade. Not the brightest maneuver, but it worked.

In a reading room we found one of the missing guys. Half-eaten and dissolved. We also found key paperwork that I was able to read.

We went to Storage Room 3 and this blob of eyes and mouths came at us. I got spat at and blinded but the team took out another critter.

We found a hidden door and used that and could tell that it had not been used in a while. This part had glowing mushrooms, screaming mushrooms, talking mushrooms and a lot of issues for us, but we survived and found the Blackcross dame’s haversack and the tall she elf found a trap door.

We took turns going down the spiral stairs and the newbie She-elf almost broke her neck, what is worse is that she almost broken our wands. It was a good thing I could use them.

Horrid use of a lower level – a real nasty layout and we found a metal box with a trap and I took care of the trap but then a stone started to scream and I got attacked by a spider swarm. The cleric had bottles of fire and with them and after a couple tries, killed the swarm. We went through a curtain and there was the Blackcross dame with 5 tentacles coming from a dimensional rift. the Metal cylinder was up above acting like a type of key.

She was possessed and suddenly there were 5 zombies. We worked at killing the zombies and then the possessed puppet Blackcross chick magic missile’d our magic she elf and nearly killed her again. We cut the tethers, The big she elf, Dragonthorn or something like that, broke the cylinder per our instructions and partially closed the portal. With a little grief, we took the Blackcross Chick and her papers and trickets back up top. We did good. The cleric did point out, he did not even get a scratch this time. Boy, he sure nows to temp fate.

Submitted by Graven (Slick) Runehouse

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