Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blog Carnival - Epic Moment of GMing

My most memorable time being on the receiving end of an outstanding show of DMsmanship, took place almost thirty years ago.  As I recall, it was Christmastime, I had just gotten married and had flown back up to the Twin Cities to finish the paperwork before going to Naval Officer Candidate School.  Some of the old group were home on leave and a few others hadn't graduated yet.  We decided to get together at the Armory and play Call of Cthulhu.

  I was playing "Moose" a private detective and former lineman with the Duluth Eskimos professional football team.  We were investigating mysterious occurrences at an old house.  I (still do) had a copy of the 1st Edition CoC role playing game and had read a few Lovecraft stories, enough to get a sense that the heroes are usually screwed.

U of MN Armory
As the short winter's afternoon light drained from the windows, the mysterious occurrences kept piling up.  We were charged by a stuffed okapi in a library among other things.  The tension was palpably mounting as we closed in on the source of the trouble, would it be a Deep One or a Polyp or something worse that would mercifully strip our characters of sanity as their flesh was rent asunder and souls blasted forever?

It was a damn leprechaun.  Nothing from the Mythos was involved at all.

What made it epic?  The atmosphere, being pretty much alone in a big masonry castle as the light fades.   The Keeper feeding our suspicions of a horror around the corner and the denouement.  Harris had suckered us in, in a truly epic style.

Submitted for the RPG Blog Alliance March Blog Carnival at Kobold Enterprise.

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