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Soloplaly Game Report - Teuta Act II, Scene II

The next day , they awoke to to find their host Eucheron pensive and worried.  He informed them that his son Petoai had been hunting in the mountains to the east with some companions and they were over due in returning.  He offered them two weeks rations to search for the hunters. 1 The party quickly agreed, as they wanted to search the mountains in any case.

Eucheron pointed them down the trail the hunters had taken, it skirted the mountains for several miles before turning left and plunging into them.  As they walked along they heard a sudden crashing and cry of a deer in pain.  Rushing forward, a troglodyte had just brought down a small doe.  Sumakos cast entangle on the creature to slow it as the others rushed in to attack.  They faltered as the creatures stench thickened and swirled about them.  It clawed  Lucius, the pain and the unfamiliar weapon making him miss his return strike as the troglodyte pulled him into it's embrace biting at him until he fell.

Throwing Lucius at the Teuta and Sumakos, making them dodge away, it lunged at Maedus but the tall grass entangling stopped it short.  Maedus' return stroke went awry.

It swiped again at Maedus, the claws whistleing past his face, but Sumakos thrust his spear into it's side and Maedus gave it a mighty buffet that stretched it on the forest floor.  Maedus and Teuta attended to Lucius, while Sumakos butchered the deer.  Lucius's wounds were too serious for him to continue, so they returned to hamlet to let him rest and have Eucheron smoke the deer meat for them.

The second day, Teuta, Maedus and Sumakos set out again, searching the mountains for  two days without finding any sign of the hunters.  They decided to head back to pick up Lucius at that point.  On the way home, during Sumakos' watch,  he saw a bear coming into camp, attracted no doubt by their careless leaving of food and garbage within the campsite. Yelling at it roused the others, but did not scare away the animal.  Sumakos cast Entangle, but the bear's great strength didn't notice.

Sumakos closed with the bear to give the others a chance to snatch up their arms; his thrust missed as the bear's claws pulled him into where it could bite his shoulder.  Sumakos fell as Maedus and Teuta ran up with flaming brands to drive the beast away.

They rigged a stretcher out their cloaks and carried Sumakos back to the hamlet of Clausura where Lucius awaited them.2

The sixth day, Lucius, Maedus and Teuta resumed the search, turning into a different mountain valley. They found a campsite where the ashes were still barely warm and made camp there.3 Pushing hard the next day further into the mountains, after noon they heard the sounds of combat and rushed forward to see the last of the hunters fall in battle with four of the foul troglodytes.  Lucius cast Dancing Lights and the troglodytes stood dazed, one swaying from it's wounds.4  Maedus and Teuta shot arrows and slung stones, but none of them hit the trogs, thus wasting the advantage Lucius had provided.  Shaking off their daze, the monsters closed in.  Maedus and Teuta managed to land solid, but not mortal blows.  Lucius's opponent clawed him, knocking him to the ground.  Maedus absorbed a similar attack, unfazed.  Teuta endured a savage clawing and biting but remained defiant.  The damage slowed her and the creature easily evaded her next attack, while Maedus killed his opponent.  The troglodyte that had dropped Lucius turned and clawed at Maedus.  Teuta's opponent tore into her again, dropping her to the ground.  Finally, Maedus was overwhelmed, leaving the remaining troglodytes to enjoy their grisly feast.

[TPK,is just desserts for a small party without healing on a hexcrawl]

Scene  Searching the mountains of Serdi for the location of B1.  B1's location is unknown, there are 94 i mile hexes in Serdi, so there is a 1% cumulative chance per hex explored that they find it..  
Start: The hamlet of Clausura  End:  When they've found B1 or run out of places to search.

15 Roll is a 1.  Altered scene - Eucheron's son Petoai and his companions are late returning from a hunting trip in Serdi.  The party is offered two weeks rations to search for them.
Does they find any sign of the hunting party?
UnlikelyAbove Average56 No
Does yelling scare the bear?
LikelyAverage91 No
es fire scare away the bear?
LikelyAverage35 Yes
Does they find any sign of the hunting party?
UnlikelyAbove Average7 Yes
Does they find any sign of the hunting party?
AverageAverage2 Exceptional Yes. They get a free meal
Do they find the hunting party itself?LikelyAverage99 Exceptional No.  They're dead
Random roll found 4 Troglodytes attacking the hunters.
Any of the Troglodytes injuredVery LikelyAbove Average7 Exceptional Yes.  One is near death
Are the troglodytes distracted by the Dancing Lights?Very LikelyAbove Average35 Yes
**** in the valley?Very UnlikelyExceptional89 Exceptional No. They'll have a long journey to get healed.

 Scene Wrap Up.  They party having secured a base of operations and support, started exploring the area that B1 is supposed to be located in.  Random encounters took their toll and now the party is down to one member.  Fortunately, reinforcements are only a few die rolls away. 

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