Thursday, January 2, 2014

Transitions or Behind the Screen in '14

I've taken over as DM for my group as of December, so that's a big transition in and of itself. As I mentioned in a previous post, I decided during my break to move from a mechanistic Hack 'n Slash style of DMing to a more free flowing story based style. To do that I'm implementing ideas and concepts from Mythic both in creating adventures as scenes in a story and in adding random elements based on the party's history into the course of play.

I picked up a number of gaming systems over the last couple of years, rather than convince my group to learn a different system (we only get together once a month, and just converted from 3.0 to Pathfinder); I'm going to run a mixture using the Pathfinder mechanics. I've already run one Warhammer adventure and Saturday I have one using the demons from Infernum. (Spoiler Alert for my players – I found my copy of Metamorphosis Alpha when I cleaned the basement this summer.)

And while I'm starting my campaign based on the Warhammer default setting, I've been reading Symonds Renaissance in Italy and have an idea for a setting based on late medieval Italy. I think it might work very well in an ACKS style campaign, where the players have the goal of becoming rulers. Adventurers as Condoterri, using the Domains at War rules. I backed the Kickstarter, still waiting for them to go to press.

If I can find the time, I'll look for an OSR group to join here in the Twin Cities or online.

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  1. Late Medieval Italy sounds like a great deal of fun. Have you seen The Borgias? It's close enough, and Jeremy Irons does a great job, and how he handles his various enemies is quite nicely handled.

    Congrats on taking over as DM for the group. You sound like you have a good plan in place. Hope it runs smoothly.

    Thanks for being part of the Blog Carnival!