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C&S in CSIO - Voyage to Modron Part I

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   Mordacis and Ysolt take a load of exotic woods down to the docks to deliver to Captain Chiramnesind of the caravel Blesinde.  Athelbrus, his master, has arranged passage for  them to take the wood to Modron, then cross the estuary and trade with the elves of Elfburn for lotus flowers.  Mordacis' friend Wulfgar skulks along with them and arranges for his own passage out of town.  He manages to negotiate a standard 5 sp fare from the 7 sp originally requested 1.  Chiramnesind oversees loading the wood into a boat and tells them to meet him at the Sea Nymph  Inn on Water Rat Road at sunset to be rowed out to the ship, the ebb starts sunrise and they'll be underway before then.
     At the Sea Nymph, they are joined by Adenin, bound for a month long stint in a hermit cell outside of Limerick, near Elfburn.  Ysolt recognizes him as a fosterling of Baron Jaquob, her father's lord, and makes the introductions.   Despite his abysmal dexterity, Adenin manages to board the ship without falling in.
     The next morning the conditions are near perfect with a strong breeze from the southeast pushing them along with the tide at an average of almost knots.
     Weighing anchor is unexpectedly difficult as a giant amoeba2 has hitched a ride and is drawn up with it.  As the anchor reaches the cathead, one of the crew3 attempts to knock it off with a boat hook.  The amoeba crawls along the cathead to the ship with the sailor bashing it with a boat hook (Improvised Weapon, Non-fighter.  A boat hook is a short pole with a combination blunt tip and hook.  It is used tby the wielder to fend off (push) and pull objects in the water.). When it reached the side, Ysolt and Adenin joined in with their spears.  After several rounds, Wulfgar stepped in and poached the kill by bashing it with his Heavy Club.4
    As the sun rose, they saw giant beaver attempting to build a dam across the river, later Wulfgar observed an immense fish (giant gar, but he only knows fish by taste) swimming just below the surface.
     Four and a half hours after departure, the ship already far down the Dearthwood Reach, a great sea dragon (Maelstrom, the guardian of the estuary) broke out of the water and roared, "Beware, beware!  I scent evil on the tide!"  Then dove and swam swiftly ahead of the ship.  Captain Chiramnesind ordered pikes and cutlasses to be brought up and placed in racks around the railing.  Ysolt and Adenin put on their armor, Wulfgar rummaged in his bag and brought out a slightly dented Watch helmet, saying "Good thing I picked this up after that last dust up."

Leaving it here, as I have another monster to convert.  The amoeba, beaver, gar and sea dragon were all random encounters; which I do not assume are automatically combat.  The beaver and gar were simply seen and not interacted with.  Maelstrom came up ALOT randomly, she'll feature prominently in Part II.  I'm using ACKS random encounter frequency, which is check once per hex entered and a 50% chance on water.  Since they are making a sustained 8.4 knots (topping out at 14.5 knots) I made a lot of checks for a 12.5 hour voyage.

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1. Chivalry & Sorcery 1e doesn't have much in the way of skills, so I used the Basic Influence Factor (BIF).  Wulfgar has an 8, the captain a 21, so he has a 50-(21-8) = 37% chance of getting a standard fare.  He rolls a 28 and succeeds.

2. The Giant Amoeba is a Warhammer FRP monster and needed to be converted to Chivalry & Sorcery. 

3.  Bireme & Galley gives the crew of a caravel as 15-30, which is a nice 14+2d8 range.  On this voyage, Blesinde carries a crew of 28. 

4. Almost everyone gets multiple blows in combat in C&S.  As no one was wearing armor hits were plentiful, except for the amoeba who never landed a blow.  I only gave Wulfgar a 1/3 chance of joining in,as he's a bit of a cowardly shit.  But the club was the most effective weapon anyone was using.

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