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Chivalry & Sorcery 1e - Shantak

After Call of
Cthulhu illustration
The Shantak is a monster from Call of Cthulhu, based, of course, on the works of H. P. Lovecraft and needs to be converted. 
They were not any birds or bats known elsewhere on earth...for they were larger than elephants and had heads like a horse's. .... The Shantak-bird has scales instead of feathers and those scales are very slippery. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
      Here at least I have a an animal in C&S to start the conversion process with, since the Shantak is bigger than an elephant, I'll start with a Woolly Mammoth. The characteristics come from the Saurians book, which includes Ice Age fauna as well as dinosaurs.

Height/ LengthBodyWT.MoveArmor%Hit%DodgeExp
9'/12.5'15010,00060/ 1804+20% 5*WDF MLH(4)
+10% 5*WDF  MLK(2)

     Height and Length - the description says bigger than an elephant, but it flies, rtaher than trimping around on the ground.  The drawing from Call of Cthulhu 1e shows a wyvern-ish shape with a long neck.  I'll leave it at 9' tall, but stretch the body to 18' and assume it has about a 40' wingspan.
     Body  CoC includes stats for elephants as well as Shantaks.  It gives an elephant 31 HP and the Shantak 32 HP, so I'll leave Body at 150.
     Weight - I'm going to thin it down since it's a flier.  Mature Dragons in C&S weigh 250lbs for every foot of length, so 4,500
     Move-  C&S give a mature dragon a movement in the open of 225 yards/2.5 minutes walking (same as a man).  CoC gives a man a movement rate of 8 yards/combat rounds"of a few seconds".  If I assume 11 combat rounds per minute in CoC [It was probably 10, but trying to make the numbers work.] I get 220 yards /2.5 minutes.    So as a Shantak moves at 6 on the ground and  30 flying in CoC, multiplying it out for C&S it has a ground movement of 165 and a flying movement of 825 yards/ 2.5 minutes.  Making it the slowest flyer in the sky.  For combat turns, divide by 3.75 to get feet per turn, triple that for maximum movement speed of 132.  Same calculations for flying speeds.
     Armor - CoC reduces damage by the armor value, C&S changes the chance to hit.  So conversion by analogy here.  An elephant in Call of Cthulhu is is unarmored, a Shantak has an AC of 9, making it bullet proof more often than not.  I'm going to keep it's AC at 9, including the damage reductions from Plate and Chain armor.
     Hit  - the Mammoth has Large Horns (tusks) and Large Hooves (kicks).  Despite being depicted with large bird like talons, the only attack CoC lists for the Shantak is a bite.  I'm going to increase the size to compensate for fewer attacks, and give the the ability to 'toss' a victim.  In CoC an elephant has an average strength of 50, while a Shantak is 34, so I'll decrease the hit bonus by 5% and Weapon Damage Factor by 1.
    Dodge - 45% slower than the next slowest flier, these are large clumsy fliers.  No dodge.
    Experience -  Shantaks are malevolent, evil intelligent beings from the outer planes.  They will fight to cause terror and flee if their robust physical defenses let them down.  So I'll set it equal to a fire breathing wyvern - 3000 xp.
Height/ LengthBodyWT.MoveArmor%Hit%DodgeExp
9'/18'/40' wingspan1504,50044/ 132
220/ 660 Fly
9+15% 4*WDF MGB(2)03000

MGB - Monster Giant Bite
MGB 9Giant Fangs/Teeth25**

** A hit by one of these natural weapons permits an attacker to bash or toss a victim 5-30 feet.  There is a 60% chance that a victim in AC 0-2 will be stunned and a 25% that others will be stunned.  Increase chance of stunning by 5% for each 5' short of possible distance thrown if the victim is bashed into a wall.

From Chivalry & Sorcery Combat Tables page 52

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