Friday, July 3, 2020

Chivalry & Sorcery 1e - Giant Amoeba

The Giant Amoeba is a Warhammer FRP monster and needs to be converted.  I consulted the C&S Sourcebook which has guidelines for conversion and creation of monsters.  It actually calls out giant amoebas as possible but gives no stats.  The conversion guidelines turned out to be not  much more than, start with something similar (which doesn't exist in C&S) and it should follow real word physics.  OK I can deal with that.

The following is for a giant amoeba which would form a two foot (61 cm) diameter sphere.  Spread out it would be about six inches  (15 cm) thick and four feet (122 cm) in diameter radius, obviously it can reshape it's body considerably.

Giant Amoeba
A large single celled organism that scavenges dungeons and waterways.   Some amoeba have an Armor of 1 or 2 from chitin nodules embedded in their bodies, but most are AC 0.

Amoebas only Combat Maneuvers are Close and Retreat.  They will only retreat from fire the size of a torch or greater that has been applied for a minimum of three rounds.

Amoebas take no damage from Missile weapons.  Melee weapons do damage only on a critical hit.  Edged weapons do half damage, and thrusting weapons do one quarter damage in those cases.  No roll on the critical hit table is required, the only critical location is the nucleus. 

Attack Mode and Special Considerations 
Giant amoebas attack prey by encircling them in pseudopods and dissolving them using a process known as phagocytosis.  The creature takes damage every round until freed.

MMP - Monster Medium Pseudopod
MMP 2Pseudopods22

Pseudopods do not score criticals, but all damage from phagocytosis is scored against the Body.  Opponents automatically take damage every melee turn after a successful attack until freed from the encircling pseudopod.  Attempting to free oneself or another character expends one blow and requires rolling under the character strength on a d20. 

Phagocytosis - involves secretion of chemicals that dissolve bonds in proteins, basically digestive acid attack.

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  1. Nice, I can imaging the giant blob engulfing a group because of that image :)