Friday, February 14, 2014

February 2014 Blog Hop Day 14

Did I meet my significant other while playing D&D?  And does she still play?

Considering the male to female ratio of gamers (yes, I realize that's not a requirement of the question as stated) - not much chance of that.  Actually, I met her standing on a street corner.  She wasn't a gamer then and isn't now.  She did sit in on a few Chivalry & Sorcery games earlier in our marriage, but she' was never into it and hasn't rolled dice in a quarter century or so.

I should say that we honeymooned in Delevan, Wisconsin on the other side of Lake Geneva from the town of Lake Geneva.  My bride of then about 30 hours and now almost 30 years, did allow me to drive through lake Geneva looking for TSR's offices.

Con of the North
starts today.  I mean really on Valentine's Day?  Is this a horrible joke or an irresistible cliche?  (Image from Hereticwerks, who is running a couple of sessions)

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