Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 2014 Blog Hop Day 5

My highest character was a 1e Ranger that made it to 10th or 11th level.  As a DM some of my players made it from 1st to 20th over the course of about four years of monthly gaming.  The other DMs in my group tend to run shorter campaigns, focused on levels 3 - 8.

I loved that ranger, he was a classic 15 Wisdom, with 12 points in reserve type - straight out of Fineous Fingers.  Had a helmet made out of the dragon head from a chimera and he had builta keg of holding into the saddle on his pegasus .  He filled  the keg with Everclear which he created by casting purify food & water on a barrel of wine.  He also had a price on his with every orc, since he was in the habit of desecrating altars of Gruumish.

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