Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Treasury - Portal of Eibon

An oval shaped inlay of a reddish metal - neither gold nor copper, nor any metal named by man.  When mounted on an exterior vertical surface, it allows the possessor to pass through it to another place or time.

When pushed, the portal will swing open on unseen hinges, providing a means of passing through whatever surface it is mounted on to another location.

The portal may be freely detached and moved to another location with no ill-effects, however every time the portal is moved, randomly determine it's destination.

It's important to note that travel through the portal is one way.  Users must provide their own means of returning to their home.  Nor does the portal offer the voyager any protection or adaptation to the conditions and inhabitants of the destination.

Random Locations

2  Sea bottom of Barsoom
3   Gormenghast
4   Random Plane of the Abyss
5   Steampunk London of Jack the Ripper
6   Mountains of Madness
7   Alternate Material Plane
8   Plane of Shadows
9   The corpse of a dead deity on the Astral plane
10 Mount Olympus
11  Starship Warden
12  Post-apocalyptic Las Vegas
Inspiration: Clark Ashton Smith: The Door to Saturn

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