Monday, February 10, 2014

February 2014 Blog Hop Day 10

First Gaming magazine I ever bought.  ANother easy question after my rummaging through the boxes in the basement.  SPI's Strategy & Tactics - a new board game in every issue.

Before you say that doesn't count, please keep in mind that in the late 70s there was very little separation between the military board gamers who were supporting Avalon Hill and SPI; and the RPG community.  Indeed, a high school friend, Brian Sorvik, and I had seen an ad for a war gamers group starting up at UMD (University of Minnesota Duluth) in 1977 and went and joined that.  That group played everything from Go to Empire of the Petal Throne.  I remember that one of the local TV stations did a quick piece on it, asking why we played war games in the face of all the "anti-war" sentiment of the time.

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