Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 2014 Blog Hop Day 15

What was the first version of D&D I didn't enjoy? Why?

Tough question, I was inactive from 1991 - 2000.  I came back in when I returned to Minnesota at that point and hooked back up with an old friend.  So I hit the tail end of 2e; which didn't seem like an improvement over 1e. We moved to 3e; but skipped 3.5e due to budgetary constraints on some of our group and just converted to Pathfinder tin 2012.  We have no particular interest in 4e or 5e.  Personally, I'd like to move back to 1e or a retro-clone like ACKS, but don't think I could get the group to go there.

I've enjoyed playing all of them, but it's the group and the characters, not the mechanics that I like.

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