Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 2014 Blog Hop Day 22

First D&D novel. Quag Keep, by Andre freakin' Norton.  That's right, the very first D&D novel was written by a nationally recognized author, not some kid in college.

The novel itself isn't that good, despite the claims on the back.  D&D players magically transported to Greyhawk and go on a quest.  I didn't find the plot, story or characters at all compelling. I understand a collaborative sequel was published posthumously.  I'm not looking to read it.

I've tried reading other D&D stories, Salvatore and Greenwood's efforts come to mind, but in the end they're one shots not worth another look. 

Norton did play D&D with EGG before she wrote the story; and since it predates publishing of The World of Greyhawk Gazeteer, she either had access to his notes or did an extensive interview on the campaign background.

Still here's the cover and the front piece from my old paperback.

Cover by Jack Gaughan


Front piece unattributed artist

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  1. My first D&D novel as well, although I suspect I had a later printing - possibly even a British edition - as I don't recall seeing the picture of the fat lizardman.

    I really enjoyed it as a young teenager, but I read it again the other year and, as you said, it's really not that good.