Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thoughts on Dwimmermount

Dwimmermount, the cautionary tale of this corner of the blogosphere.  I understand that an update has been posted on the Dwimmermount thread on th RPGsite.  I am not a disgruntled backer, so other than the human fascination with train wrecks, I don't have an interest in the situation.

Except, that James M's old Grognardia blog is one of the reasons I became involved blogging.  I always enjoyed his posts on old games and modules and I loved his game reports.  That's one of the reasons I post mine.  His blog was my gateway into the community.

With that in mind, I have to say I feel sorry for James, whatever he's doing now. Not only did he lose a family member as I recall; but he cut himself off from what had been an important part of his life.  The backers suffered a financial loss, albeit on a speculative investment; and we all lost a leader in this community.

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  1. Is it too bad that Grognardia is gone? Yes.
    Do I feel sorry for James? Not in the slightest. He made promises, took the money and then ran. I feel bad for the people left holding the bag and trying to make good on his promises.

  2. I don't feel sorry for him, either. Instead I see it as this:

    J. Mal. helped create the OSR and inspired others to do their own thing instead of relying on WotC for their creativity. After doing that, maybe it was his time to move on.

    He left behind a lot of lessons to be learned, such as:
    1. Be cautious when you're funding a Kickstarter.

    2. Don't talk about your projects until they are done.

    3. Use the Kickstarter raise funds for the final editing, artwork, and other costs associated with publishing it.