Friday, March 7, 2014

Restoring Lost Art - Pictures from Monster and Treasure Assortment Three

A few weeks ago I posted a scan of Trampier's Manticore from the Monsters and Treasure Assortment playing from 1978.  What I've done here is run the manticore and the accompanying dragon pictures through GIMP to delete the blue background from the card stock they were printed on in an attempt to bring out the original pictures as the artists drew them..  Unfortunately, the heavy card stock (and the cheap scanner) ended up with many shades of blue on the scans, so they're still not pristine.  Still here they are, cleaner than they've been seen since 1978.

Trampier's Manticore

Full Frontal Dragon

I suspect that Sullivan is the artist for he dragon, but please leave your guess or knowledge in the comments.  I'll post the rest of the illustrations from the Assortment as I get them cleaned.

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