Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Domains at War Kickstarter Update II - It's (almost) shipping

In the email today.  D@W has completed converting the print layouts to PDFs, including the counter sheets and will be emailing the PDFs to the PDF reward level backers.  The PDFs are available for backers to download now.  No firm date on the dead tree editions, but they hope/expect/promise/sacrifice small animals that D@W will be on sale at Kickstarter at Gencon this summer.

If I have time I'll grab the online PDFs and post a review over the weekend.

Also in the email bag WoTC announced via rpgDriveThru, the rerelease of 2e module Ravenloft:Masque of the Red Death, Forbidden Lore and Planescape: Something Wild.  I'll defer to Stelios over at d20DarkAges for reviews on anything 2e.

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