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2021 Character Creation Challenge: Day 28 - Chivalry & Sorcery / Swords & Sorcerers | Steppe Nomad


Reading through this section of Swords and Sorcerers, I'm of the impression that the main reason for including Steppe Nomads was to discuss army troop composition for the miniature rules which are at the heart of C&S.  I've noted in the past that C&S places rules for miniatures and large scale combat resolution BEFORE the Individual Combat section, Thieves, Clergy and 'Magick' sections, i.e. all the role playing rules.  It took me until I started reading OSR blogs to realize that that is a direct tie to D&D's reliance on Chainmail.  Large scale combat was always intended to be part of the hobby, with Individual characters being a sort of 'drill down' to greater detail.  Little did they expect the characters to over take the large scale action.

    Again tweaking my generation spreadsheet makes character generation quick, the biggest time sink is adding the weapons to my combat value lookup tables that are needed to calculate number of blows and damage, as I only build those out as needed.

Kashi                                                           Steppe Nomad Warrior


Kashi, son of Jahka Gambu - a Beki Jegun of the Oirat clan, is a young warrior riding as a scout for the horde.

   The only changes from the basic character generation are: the height/frame distribution skews to building smaller characters and they put on a max height of 5'10"; but allow the Body value to be whatever you rolled up so there's no mechanical penalty in figuring hit points.  The Social Class changes to reflect the society as  we've seen in the Nordic and Celtic posts.   Oh and the big one female characters are absolutely PROHIBITED - as the society would not allow it.  This was not uncommon, nor did it raise an eyebrow among gamers at that time as we usually were trying to recreate something semi-historical.  C&S of course being firmly grounded in the medieval to the extant that the creators had tables to determine which real lord in France was your lord. See also AD&D's gender & race Strength caps.  

Beki Jegun is a low level leader of 5 households - about 100 warriors.

    This wraps up Swords & Sorcerers tomorrow it's on the the Saurians supplement for C&S


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