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2021 Character Creation Challenge: Day 16 - Infernum

Slaver Demon from Infernum

     Mongoose Publishing took the OGL and went straight to Hell with this game.  Literally, all action is confined to the Pit with players being given options of playing demons, fallen angels and even mortals trapped (often born) in Hell.

    It's difficult to say if the game actually has character classes, each of the nine breeds of demon can be considered a class as each have their own unique abilities and physical and mental enhancements through mutation chains.  But then so do the Houses most demons belong to.  Mortals are usually fighter type more or less; but they can gain the Sorcery skill and become Sorcerer, of course so can demons.  Angels have three paths open to them, double down on being angelic; reject heaven and join the demons or become mortal and hope to be judged worthy to escape Hell when you die.  On reflection, it seems like an awkward synthesis between Runequest's characters defined by skill and 3rd Edition mechanics.  As long as I don't think about it it doesn't bother me.

     On to the character, as I said the game has nine breeds of demons - Artificers (the devil in the machine), Beasts (animalistic creatures that become more bestial as they advance, but gifted sorcerers), Deceivers (almost man like demons), Fiends (winged parodies of angels), Hulks (immense, not very bright, killing machines), Imps ( small winged demons specializing in taking possession of other creatures minds and bodies), Malcubi (incubi and succubi) , Slavers (man like task masters of Hell) and Stalkers (hunters of souls, look like bipedal canines).  I couldn't decide so I randomly determined a Slaver.

   They give a number of ways to generate the characters, from hard core (straight 3d6) to point buy. I decided to go with the 'Heroic' option (1d10 +8).

ST 17 DX 17 IQ 16 W16 CN 14 CH 18

To that I add adjustments for the breed +2 ST, -2 WS.  Hit Die d8, Good Fortitude, Poor Reflex and Will Saves, Armor Class +3.

ST 19   DX 17   IQ 14   WS 16   CN 14   CH 18

Fort +2  Reflex 0  Will 0   HP 10  AC 16

Melee Attack +5  Ranged Attack +4

Claw 1d6+4  Size Medium

Iliaster Reserve 7 - Iliaster is the substance that angels are made of, mortals produce and demons need to survive.  It is in many ways materialized will power.  Humans can produce it while alive and when they are dead their souls can produce it.  Of course they produce it under torture, which is the rationalization for the demons torturing them throughout eternity.  Each demon needs 1 point per level per day to survive.  This stat is how much they start with in 'internal storage'.  When they run out, they become dissolute - weak and vulnerable is no way for a demon to go through unlife.

Skill Points $4+ IQ modifier (*4 at 1st level) = 24

Diplomacy 4; Gather Information 4; Heal 2; Intimidate 4; Knowledge(law) 4; Survival 2; Torture 4

The demon also gets three feats at first level, and one additional every three levels.  Simple Weapons Proficiency, one chosen by the player and one determined by the House the demon is a member of .  The Houses are factions striving for control of the pit, there are nine of them also and they sort of follow along with themes of the Deadly Sins.  Reithi is Lust, Olbrutt Gluttony, Sturrach Anger, etc.  My concept has the demon a member of House Carthenay who personify greed.  As such it gains the Feat: Iron Will adding +2 to it's Will saves.  

The demon also gains a mutation.  And these are what I love about the system, I've created my own mutation table, had I read this first it would look very different.  For Mutations in Infernum follow chains with each link obtained becoming more powerful.  Demons gain a mutation each level, but there are constraints.  There is a three level cycle for mutations House/Breed - which limits selection to the mutation chains associated with their Breed and House.  So all slaver tend to have some in common and all demons in a House tend to develop the same mutations.; Random - roll the dice see what you get; and Chosen where the player selects from the list.  At 1st level I have a choice between the first links in the Slaver (Soul Shape - the ability to physically craft a soul into a specific shape.) and Carthenay (Misers and Lawyers - the ability to spend Iliaster to recall minute details.) chains.  I'm taking Misers and Lawyers.

Illbroth - Slaver Level 1

ST 19   DX 17   IQ 14   WS 16   CN 14   CH 18

Fort +2  Reflex 0  Will 2   HP 10  AC 16

Melee Attack +5  Ranged Attack +4

Claw 1d6+4  Size Medium

Iliaster Reserve 7

Diplomacy 4; Gather Information 4; Heal 2; Intimidate 4; Knowledge (law) 4; Survival 2; Torture 4

Mutation: Misers and Lawyers
   My character concept this time is that it now resides in the City State of the Invincible Overlord where it provides services (for hefty fees!) to both the court system and the Litigation Tricksters Guild.  It is also known to a personal friend of all the Magistrates in Perfect Street, and Spellbinder Sanghen of the Guild, Mitokris in the Government Bureau and that the Sage's Guild will refer questions on law to it as the most knowledgeable authority.  It is also a frequent visitor to the City Jail, where it advises wealthy prisoners and then demonstrates the finer techniques of torture to the staff.  This is how it gains Iliaster in the mortal world.  What's not known, except by which ever mage summoned it years ago, is that it is a demon.  It's nom de juris is 'Claudius'  

(Claudius) Illbroth - Slaver Level 8

ST 20   DX 18   IQ 1   WS 16   CN 14   CH 18

Fort +6  Reflex +4  Will +4   HP 52  AC 21 (-1)

Melee Attack +12/+7  Ranged Attack +11/+6

Claw 1d8+4  Size Medium

Iliaster Reserve 14

Diplomacy 8(10); Gather Information 8; Heal 4; Intimidate 8; Knowledge (law) 10(12); Survival 4; Torture 10

Feats: Iron Will; Related Knowledge (Diplomacy & Knowledge (law) +2 Synergy bonus on the Skills);  Sense of Self (+4 to resist Possession)

Mutations in order gained: 
Misers and Lawyers (Carthenay 1), 
Chitin Armor (Insect Aspect Chain 1 - +4 AC as  plates of chitin cover it.),  
Of Mortal Aspect (Chain of Man 1, shapeshift into the appearance of a man.  Spot check is needed to notice it has claws instead of finger nails. No access to other mutations when shapeshifted.) 
Shit Gold (Carthenay 2 - can weep 1d4 GP), 
Claws (Chain of Claws 1.  Damage increases by one step.  Retractable/ costs 3 Iliaster to extend)
Aspect of the Beast (Chain of Man 2.  It can spend 1 Illaster per mutation to access it in human shape.)
Soul Shape (Slaver -1) 
Extra Eye (Chain of Wandering Eyes 1.  It has an eye on the back of it's head.  +2 Spot & Search checks.)

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