Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Character Creation Challenge: Day 19 - Labyrinth Lord

    Another stalwart OSR system.  A bit more choices than LotFP, but quite well thought out and laid out.  I did need to jump to the Advanced Edition Companion to find the starting cash, but everything else was in the first book.  About 10 minutes to roll him up and twenty minutes coming up with his description and background.

Galwell Frye                                            Lawful Cleric 1 of Girru

ST 12 (0)  DX 11 (0)  IQ 8 (0) but he can read and write  

Image created on Hero Forge

WS 17 (+2 Magic Save)  CN 11 (0)  CH  7 +1 on Reaction Rolls, 3 Retainers, Retainer Morale 6

HP 5     AC 3  Banded Mail + Shield

Turn Undead  1 HD 7+, 2 HD 9 +  3 HD 11+

THAC0 18  Morning Star 1d8

Equipment: Backpack, Holy Symbol (wooden), Wineskin, Travel Rations (1wk), 10 Hemp Rope, Steel mirror.

    Galwell is a huge, striking looking young, probably, man.  At 6'8" 325 pounds he can make his way through the densest crowds.  What really sets him apart is one of those quirks of City State genetic patterns that has endowed him with golden fur and a feline tail (+1 balance checks).   The oldest son of a cook in the Wild Surf Tavern on Beggars Street.  He was assisting his father on a busy night when he heard Girru, The Babylonian God of Fire speak to him from the fireplace.  After proving his connection with the Divine by healing a serving girl who was caught in a fight, his father gifted him with the entire family savings (200 GP) which he has used to purchase equipment to aid him on the task Girru has laid before him.  He must find the lost Tablets of Nin-marki.

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