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2021 Character Creation Challenge: Day 24 - Castles and Crusades

    The last of the retro-clones I'll be using to build a character.  It feels like 1st Edition with 3rd Edition publishing quality, thick glossy pages, bulked out by color illustrations  We have the six classic attributes, add Gnomes to player races and Knights and Barbarians are added to the class mix.

Lassecanta Rossë                                            Chaotic Good Elven Rogue

ST 14      +1  Primary

DX  17    +2  Primary

IQ    9        0

WS  11       0

CN   13     +1

CH   14     +1  

HP   7    AC 13

                           BtH       Damage    Range

Long Sword    +2       1d8

Sling                +1       1d4        50ft


Abilities:   Back Attack (+4 hit, Double Damage); Cant (Thieves Language)

Climb (1/2 speed); Decipher Script (2d8 minutes/page);  Hide (1/2 speed)

Listen (+2 Elvish Senses)  Move Silently (+2 Elvish Ability) ; Open Lock

Spell Resistance (+10 vs Charms and Sleep); Spot Hidden; 

Traps (Find [+2 Elvish Ability]/Set/Disarm)  Twilight Vision; Weapon Training (Long Sword)


Languages:  Common, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Orc, (Thieves) Cant

 Equipment:  Leather Armor & Coif, Long sword, Sling, Backpack; Bedroll; Rogue Tools

1  GP   9 SP


     Lassecanta is rather short and a bit heavy for an elf of his size (4'8"  80 lbs) .  He has fair skin, brown hair and violet eyes.  Like all C&C elves he loves and treasures things of beauty; which is why he's out in the world looking for other people's.  After all, it's really a waste for the ephemeral races to have them, they have hardly anytime at all to appreciate them.  Much better for someone like Lassecanta to have them to appreciate for a long, long time.  So he's flexible in his methods of acquisition.


     I'm not even sure if I would consider this a retro-clone of 0e or 1e.  If anything some of the things I've skimmed through in the Keeper's Guide feel very 3rd Edition-ish:  Challenge Levels and the Saving Throw mechanic.  It's not like the simplified three saving throws from 3e; instead each attribute has specific saving throw types tied to it.  I can see saving against Energy Drain using Constitution; but why are Death Magic  saves assisted by Charisma?

Bit unclear if the Race abilities trump Class restrictions, was going to take a Weapon Training in a composite bow, but couldn't afford a bow, so put it against the long sword.

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  1. C&C is also a favorite. All your characters from the clones would make great NPCs in any game and all are still mostly compatible with each other really.