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Character Creation Challenge: Day 25 - Warriors of Mars

     A VERY unofficial supplement to 0e D&D by "DOC", this provides rules for creating characters and fighting the monsters of Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom.  It's free to download, because nothing in here is licensed.  Of course, the first few ERB Warlord of Mars books are out of copyright in the US and more I understand have fallen out of copyright in Australia; but D&D is certainly still under copyright as is Frank Frazetta's illustration on the cover - and I suspect a number of the internal drawings.

   I rolled a pretty good Pathan (mercenary fighter); but then I saw I could play a Green Martian, so I built that instead so I could play with adding arms to a figure in Hero Forge.

ST 20    (16 + 4 for Green Martian)

IQ 7      (9 -2 for Green Martian)

WS 5     (7 -2 for Green Martian)

CN 12

DX 16

CH 12 (14 -2 for Green Martian)

One nice thing is between 0e and the Barsoom stories, there's not much to worry about for equipment, I'll rule that the harness provides the equivalent of AC 8 (Shield only).  have to dive into Supplement I: Greyhawk to find the bonuses for Strength & Dexterity.  Strength is off the chart.  Dexterity is +1 AC & for missile fire per point above 14.  The first place I come across ST 20 is in the DMG, Girdle of Giant Strength list ST 20 +3 Hit, +8 Damage.

Dojat                                                    Green Martian  Berserker 2

Strength   20   +3   +8  Open Doors 7 in  8(3)    

Intelligence  7     Wisdom 5     Constitution 12

Dexterity  16 +2 AC +2 Missile Fire    Charisma 12

Hit Points  20   Armor Class  6

Long Sword  THAC0  16    1d8+8/1d12+8    THAC0 14  Damage +10 when berserk

Short Sword  THAC0  16     1d6+8/1d6+8     THAC0 14  Damage +10 when berserk

Dagger           THAC0  16    1d4+8/1d4+8      THAC0 14  Damage +10 when berserk

Radium Pistol    THAC0  16    2d6 (night)/ 3d6 (day).  Can not fire when berserk

    Dojat is a member of the Warhoon Horde, deadly enemies of the Tharks and their allies Jelium and especially John Carter.  His great strength has given him the nickname "The Apt of Warhoon.'

Warriors of Mars starts all characters at second level.

I used the Long Sword and Dagger damage from Supplement 1: Greyhawk and the standard 'Sword' damage from Men and Monsters for the short sword.

The Radium Pistol does more damage during the daytime, as when it hits the target the coating on the bullet shatters, allowing sunlight to reach the pellet of radium in the bullet and causing an explosion.  After night battles, the dawn is punctuated by the explosions of bullets fired in the dark.  Note: Do not do autopsies on victims recovered from such battle fields.

Hero Forge: Turtle head with Alien Tubes for ears, Lizard torso and feet

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  1. I LOVE that supplement! I have been wanting to adapt it to use with AS&SH.