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2021 Character Creation Challenge: Day 29 - Chivalry & Sorcery / Saurians


A Hss'Taathi lord considers peeling you
out of your metal shell for dinner

      Still in Chivalry & Sorcery, but moved to the Saurians expansion.  I've met to do a review of this book for a number of months, but haven't gotten to it yet.  It's a bit of an odd book, the first half is a beastiary of dinosaurs and Ice Age creatures, with a few giant insects thrown in, the second half details the culture of the Hss'Taathi a race and culture  mysteriously translated out of the dawn to the medieval world of Arden.  Complete with their dinosaurs, domesticated and wild.

      While the characteristics and calculations are the same, the tables and values are different, so I didn't even try to tweak the spreadsheet.   Let's roll some dice and do some math!

The first step is to determine the 'Ooscope'.  Rather like a horoscope, but with more cultural and religious weight behind it.  It's done by observation of the way the saurian hatches from it's egg and has two outcomes.  First is the Caste of the saurian, much like human social class but very adventuring oriented.  

03 gives me a Hch'ait Lord.  The saurian equivalent of a Knight.  

Second is the Omens which may provide an experience bonus.

08 Highly Propitious! +25% experience if he stays in his Caste. (Caste changing is possible, but penalized)

Caste effects almost all the subsequent rolls.  And at this point C&S has abandoned most of the straight 1-20 rolls of the red book.

Height - still a 1-20 roll, but two new categories 'Very Tall' and 'Giant'.  All Hch'ait lords are very tall, no reason to roll.

Frame - still 1-20, but two new categories 'Very Heavy' and 'Massive'.  

09 - Heavy increase weight by 1 Level.

Size d20 roll is 12 which on the Very Tall table gives me 6'9" 425

Dexterity - Hch'ait roll 1d10 + 8 - 7 gives 15 DEX

Strength - Hch'ait roll 2d6 + 8 and are the only ones who can have Superhuman strength.  I rolled a 8 so 16 ST

Constitution - two step procedure.  First roll 2d6 if the result is less than 4 the character is a runt.  I rolled a 4 and avoided that so Hhc'ait roll 2d6+9.  A 7 gives a 16 CON

Personal Appearance - is calculated for Saurians.  (CON + ST)+2 for Very Tall +3 for caste = 21 PA

Bardic Voice - Hch'ait roll 3d6+8 for voice, a 12 give me BV 20

Intelligence - Hch'ait roll 3d6+2.  I roll 17 for IQ 19

Wisdom - Hch'ait roll 3d6+2.  I roll 12 for WS 14

Charisma has a different calculation.  (PA+BV+IQ+WS)/4 = CH 18.5

Alignment stays d20.  A roll of 10.

Body is based on Body Bonus values from the Size, Strength and Constitution tables  25+5+2 = 34

Fatigue is 1d6, same as all the 1st levels. I rolled a 5

Carrying Capacity is (Strength Factor + Constitution Factor)*Weight = (3.0+0.6)*425 = CarCap 1530

Military Ability is (IQ+WS+PA+BV+CH)/10 = 9.25 rounded down to  MA 9. (No bonuses for Silurians with high characteristic scores)

Command Level is MA/2 so CL 4.5

Personal Combat Factor is CarCap/100 + MA/2 +DX/10 +Class Factor.  15.30+4.5+1.5+2 = PCF 23.4

PCF 23-24.9

Light Weapons

Blows     Damage     %Hit      %Parry

+3            4xWDF    +25%       -20%

Heavy Weapons

Blows     Damage     %Hit      %Parry     Shield Parry       %Dodge

+2            5xWDF   +18%        -12%             -22%                -35%

Hss'Taathi language is generally considered unpronounceable by humans, so he goes by a translation of his title as a newly matured Hch'ait lord (essentially a squire)


Second Right Claw of the Nest                               Hch'ait Lord 1

6'9"  425lbs

DX 15  - Dexterous   ST  16 - Mighty   CN  16 - Hardy

PA  21 - Handsome/Beautiful    BV  20 - Orphic     IQ  19 - Genius 

WS  14 - Discerning     CH 18 - Dominant     AL 10 - Worldly

Car Cap 1530     Mil Ab 9    Command Level 10

Body 34   Fatigue 5   PCF   23.4

Armor Banded Mail AC 4 + Natural AC 4 (Need to roll TWO hits to penetrate)

Open Helm AC 4   Shield: Class 5 Polearm  Parry -27%

Glaive (as 2 Handed Battle Axe)

Type     Blows    Damage   Hit /Crit Unarmored

H             4             17                53%/45%


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